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//Alliyah POV:\\

"Alliyah." I heard faintly.
"Alliyah." Someone kept calling my name in a monotone voice.

"ALLIYAH!" The person finally yelled.

"What?" I said, snapping my head in the direction of the voice. I was snapped out of my daydream by my co-worker Michael. He was about 2 years older than me, and I can't even lie- he was so cute.

"Some complaining ass customer wants to see the manager- so head over to the register." He said, rolling his eyes, and gesturing to the register.

Irritated, I let out an annoyed sigh, and walked over to the register to go handle whatever the issue appeared to be.

I walked behind the counter, and faced a woman, who looked just as irritated as I felt, with her eyebrow cocked- and a baby on her hip. Her lips were puckered, and she was tapping her foot. Then she let out an irritated sigh.

"Hi, my name is Alliyah- I'm the manager here at FootLocker, is there a prob-" I said, before I got cut off.

"Um. Yea-uh." She said, rolling her eyes, waving me off.

"I came here to get them uhm- whatchumacallits." She said, looking up, throwing her hand in a circular motion as if she were trying to remember what she was going to say. No offense, but she is just.. plain ghetto.

"Gamma 11s!" She finally said. I nodded my head in an understanding manner, as she continued.

Those are already considered out of style.

"So online the shit said it was onefitty (150- if you didn't get it.) But when I walk my ass up in this store, it said $185 plus tax, and some extra shit- like unh unh! What the fuck. Y'all lying online so I could come in this store?"

I stood there stunned, until I started to snicker at her language, and how everything she said was grammatically incorrect and improper.

"Ain't nothin' funny miss uhh.." She said, squinting to read my name tag.

"Alliyah." I stated, trying my best to bite my tongue. I seriously had so much I could have and wanted to say to her, but I kinda want to keep my job at the same time.

"Okay.. Um. There's nothing I can do about that, ma'am. I don't control the prices. I just work for the company. Chances are, you were looking at another store for the shoes."

"Nah! It was FootLocker, forreal." She interjected.

"Well, I can't do much about the prices."
"Come on girl.. You can't hook me up? Take a few dollas off, girl." She said, winking- trying to persuade me to change the price. Did I not just say there's nothing I could do?

"Can't do that." I shot back, coldly- as I grew more irritated at this nonsensical conversation. I honestly just want to go to the back and have my break.

"Do you have a giftcard?" I added, trying to help her out.

"Giftcard? Ha!" She said, laughing in my face.

"Okay then. So just pay the full price." I said, folding my arms across my chest.
"Or... You can go to Payless a few blocks down." I said, gesturing my head towards the north direction, as I snickered sarcastically.

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