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~Laceys POV~
All I remember is a semi truck coming at mine and Abigail's side. Now I'm in this field. I see someone. "Abi?" I say "Abi!" I run towards her "Lacey? What happened?" she asks looking very confused. "All I remember is a semi truck crash into our side after shawn explaining to you how we are sisters and he is our brother." I say "oh yeah!"
~2 days later~
So far 2 days stuck here with nothing to do! It's sooooo boring. I mean I have Abi here but there is NOTHING to do.
~shawns POV~
Everyone was here. All the boys including Mya and my parents well their parents. I told them what happened from me finding out I have two more sisters to the crash and well I can't stop thinking it's all my fault. "Shawn go back to the hotel and sleep and shower. no offense but you've been here 3 days and you kinda stink." taylor said. "Okay. Just have the boys text me if they wake up." I ask. Taylor and I got into the rental car.
-4 days later- (sorry for all the time skips but I can do what I want!)
~Abis POV~
It's been 4 days and it's just ughhhh. I hate it here. It's boring. "Hey Lacey. Any way to get out of here?" I ask. "Nope not yet" she replies we've done everything that we could think of. "hop scotch?" I ask "I WILL BEAT YOU!" She say way to confidently. I just laugh when I win. "That's not fair!!!" She whines. Oh whatever" I say still laughing "Abi Lacey if ether of you can here me PLAESE wake up. This isn't the way I wanted to meet my two beautiful daughters." My hats shawns mom well our mom!" I say! i look over to Lacey and she's like fading I look at myself and I'm doing the same! I open my eyes to see a really bright light. "Abi! Lacey! oh thank goodness." Karen (shawns mom) says. "doctor they woke up." She says going to find a doctor I think.
~myas pov~
"Doctor! They woke up!" I looked up seeing Karen running towards a doctor. "Okay ill do some tests and see if they are A-Okay to go home." The Doctor said. I ran back to the boys "Guys. Guys! They are both Awake!" I said crying tears of joy. "Can we go see her?" Matt asked. He was like an older brother to them. "No not yet at least."

~Doctor Bobs POV~ (Im sooo creative)

I was looking over the labs before i go tell the girs the news im going to tell them before i tell their mom. I walked into the room they were talking. "Hello girls. Okay so there is some good and some bad. Which would you like to hear first?" I ask them nicely. They look at eachother "Good" They say in usion. "Okay so the good is you both will need a wheel chair for one month. But you only broke your leg and a couple ribs and there is some brain damage we just cant tell how much." I say they both nod "And the bad is......."


sorry for the cliffhager i promise to update again soon. I'm at my moms work so i have a computer to work off of. so i hope you enjoyed dont forget to Vote & comment. If you have any feed back i would love to hear. I feel bad for how long this took to be put up but I promise I'm trying here.

Peace out girl scouts.


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