They know.

Christi and Damian know.

We told them.

Both me and Kate. Well Kate told them, I was sitting there. How do you even begin to tell someone that we were abused so severely? Kate seemed to know. She handled it well. I, on the other hand, now know how many old records the store has on the third shelf from the door. My eyes remained focused on it throughout the entire time.

Damian was shocked and taking aback. I dont blame him. His response was expected. Christi hugged me. Tears were coming down her face. She said something about family, I cant quite remember it ... I think I was too focused on that shelf. But I remember how warm it made me feel inside. Happy.

She's humming now, Christi. We are doing our usual clean of the shelves. I'm done my half. Now I'm just waiting for any customer and sending animated smileys to Nick.

The bell chimes and I look up.

The first thing I notice is how big he is. Not fat big but muscular big. Then his dark brown hair, its very dark. His eyes are focused on me and me only. He doesn't look around to get anything, just me. But I've never met him. I don't know who he is. Not even from my drunk nights. As he gets closer, I see the faint red blotches in his eyes. And I know. There definitely isn't something normal with this guy. His whole look is freaky.

"Is Nick here?" He asks.

"No he's working. At the-."

"If he isn't here than its fine."
What the hell.

"Do you want me to help you get anything? "

He chuckles, as if me asking him this amuses him, "no Ivy I'm fine."

I frown... he knows my name.

I try to shrug it off and get on with my work but I can't ... its weird.

"Ivy." He says and I look up.

"You don't know me?" He asks.

I shake my head. This time it's his turn to be confused. He turns and walks out. I'm left terribly puzzled. He was definitely on something.


"I'm so dead." I groan.

"Nah you'll be fine." Steven assures me.

But I am anything but assured that when Kate finds me in this holding cell she won't kill me.

My head is ringing again and this time I have no excuse for why I went to a fraternity house. Somebody tipped the police that there will be underage teens drinking and I wasn't so quick to get away. They won't let Steven bail me out because he's alcohol level is also very high.

"What did Kate say?" I ask again.

"She said five minutes."

"Did she sound disappointed?"

Steven sighed and wiped his hand over his face, "I dont know Ivy."

I bit my lip and looked around. There's a girl bawling her eyes out, she came from the exact same party as me. There's a few others but they are all acting delirious in this small cell. I'm sitting in the far corner next to the bars that separate us and the males. Steven is sitting right next to me but in his cell.

My head is resting against the bars when I hear Kates voice. Great. Just great.

An officer comes and opens the cell gate.

"Is that my mom?" The crying girl asks,"is she here?"

"No. Its hers." He points to me.

I get up and walk out. The officer leads me to the front. Kate stands there. I can't tell anything about her expression because I don't meet her eyes once.

"Watch out for her." One of the officers say.

"Steven... he's in here as well."

I look at Kate. She's looking at me like a wounded animal and I hate it. My expression hardens.

"Here's the money for him." I take my credit card out and give it to her. She sighs and uses hers instead.

The car ride is silent. Steven is half falling asleep at the back. His house is not so far from Nicks. Its comical to watch him stumble up the driveway.

"What happened tonight Ivy?" Kate asks as soon as she starts driving again.


"I think you need help Ivy."

"I don't."

"Yes you do. You can't go around getting drunk anymore Ivy."

"Im not-."

"Ivy. I am new at this ok. Being a parent and all and I'm trying to grow as well ok. It's unfair on me and you that you keep doing this. Truth is you are still young and you can't get through all your emotional scars all by yourself. I'm here. Talk to me. I love you Ivy. You are my life. You are the only reason that I didn't kill myself in that house. Ivy. Just please."

Her voice breaks and she sniffs, "I found us a new place... its not far from here actually. Damian helped me get it."

"I will stop Kate." I speak up, "no more drinking and parties. But I dont need help ok."

Kate tries to look like she believes I will actually keep to my word. But I can see the doubt. I change the subject to the new house she was talking about. She describes it as any enthusiastic person would. I can't bring myself to be completely happy with her. I'm happy for her. She's moving on. She's getting the life she deserves.

I smile with her as she explains in full detail how she envisions the lounge and the kitchen and her room. She says I can choose how I want my room to be decorated however I want.

All I can think about is the fact that I'm not going to be as close to Nick as I want to.

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