mikasa's birthday

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Admin: ok so I was going to do a corpse party chapter but then I saw it was mikasa's birthday...

Admin: *runs in to mikasa's room* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Mikasa: ow I think my ears are bleeding.... but thanks admin...

Admin: I got a present for you...

Mikasa: what? Really?

Admin: *sighs* although I like him I made this for you.... *hands drawing to mikasa*

Mikasa: *blushes* thanks admin.... maybe you arent bad after all....

Admin: I knew you liked eren so I made this for you....

Eren: *enters room* whats with all the shouting?

Admin: you dont remember??

Eren: I remember its mikasa's birthday if thats what you're talking about...

Mikasa:: *blushes*

Eren: here you go * gives mikasa some red  fighting gloves*

Admin: omg..... *laughs*

Mikasa: t-thanks eren...

Levi: *enters room* whats going on?!

Everyone: *salutes*

Admin: corporal its mikasa's birthday....

Levi: tch... here you go *hands present to mikasa*

Mikasa: *opens present* oh.... its cleaning supplies...

Levi: its so you get your shitty ass to clean....


Levi: shut the hell up!

Admin: but senpai....

Mikasa: thanks I guess...

Armin: hey mikasa! I got you a present!

Mikasa: thanks armin ill open it later but I have a present right here... *points to eren*


levi: Mikasa.... I will kick your ass if you take eren...

Mikasa: *smirks* tough luck guys... *carrys eren*

Admin: fine then *grabs machete* im not afraid to kill you mikasa!!!

Levi: ill join you admin *pulls out both swords*

Eren: help me guys!!!

Admin: dont worry Ill get you back... *levi and admin run after mikasa*

Everyone: ...

Annie: well mikasa is screwed...

Admin and levi: I WILL KILL YOU!!

Hangi: hey guys wheres mikasa?

Everyone: *points to mikasa's room*

Hangi: oh.... I brought her a present!

Armin: what is it??

Mikasa: Fine FINE!!! *storms back into room and drops eren to the ground*

Hangi: go outside mikasa...

Mikasa: fine... * goes outsidee everyone follows*

Hangi: I got you...... A TITAN!!!

Admin: haha you know mikasa Isjust going to kill it right?

Hangi: no she wo-

Mikasa: *kills titan*

Hangi: WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! * breaks down crying*

Erwin: I have a better present for you mikasa...

Mikasa: *salutes* thank you sir!

Erwin: *hands tiny box to mikasa*

Mikasa: *opens it* a set of bushy eyebrows?

Admin: *has a laughing fit*

Erwin: what?! Its an amazing present as me and armin have them!

Armin: *blushes*

Mikasa: I dont want these....

admin's friend: I got you something as well mikasa!!

Mikasa: you're admin's friend who loves Jean arent you?

Admin's friend: y-yeah *blushes* *hands neatly wrapped present*

Mikasa: *opens it* I-I love it!!

Admin: what is it?

Mikasa: its a cookie shaped as eren!!

Admin: *death glares at my friend*

Sasha: hey mikasa! I got you this! *hands potato to mikasa*

Mikasa: really sasha? *laughs*

Jean: although I love admins friend I got you this... *hands a small box*

Mikasa: * opens it* awwwww its a lovely necklace! Thanks Jean..

Admin's friend: *death glares at jean*

Admin: ha! Thats payback for your present!

Admin's friend: shut up...

Admin: bye guys!!!

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