I was so excited! We were already on our way to go to California. But one problem.....MY MOM DOESNT LIKE SMOSH!! She thinks they are bad inlfuences but that is not true! I swear because I want to not because Anthony and Ian do!!! I will convince my mom to like them! I have to! It is my destiny!!

        We are on the plane going to California right now. I decide to bring up smosh subtly and see what she thinks. "So Mom, you know Anthony and Ian live in California right?", I said. "Who are they??", she answered. I grunt an say, "Smosh mom. My inspirations and loves of my life! The reason I'm here! They are my life, Mom don't you see that!", I yelled. Everyone on the plane turned and looked at me. My mother stands up and slaps me across the face and yells "Stop making a scene you fool!!" Little does she know I have powers...I am much stronger than she will ever know. I have to struggle to conceal them."Conceal don't fee, Anna." I say quietly to myself. It suddenly hits me. I think I know how I can meet smosh.

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