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I'm always hiding things from the world i only hide my pain is cause i don't want you to see. One of my scars showed up today that i haven't seen i months its really faded but i know its there but others don't. We all have scars from something maybe not i visable scar but one that was made from pain not by cutting but just what others say. i hide and control my pain with the most popular fake smile and music. i still have the pain even when i'm happy. I've tried getting ride of the pain but i know it wont go away, but i'm happy somedays. Pain can effect you in many different ways. Mine is from people no one has really treated me right and there are a few that do and i'm glad to have them in my life. I'm very good at hiding my pain if i wasn't i wouldn't be sitting here writing this. I'm thankful for the people in my life i really am without them im nothing. I know i can be annoying at times and unwanted and it hurts feeling this way. if you want comment your thoughts. I'll write later thanks for reading. Enjoy.

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