Chapter 3: After Life

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"Dad!" Josh yells "Please wake up!"

   Craig jerks Josh away from Tim's bloody corpse. Josh doesnt really realise how lucky he his to survive the crash.

   "What the fuck did we crash into Craig!" Josh asks.

"I have no clue Josh, all i saw was something bright red run in front of the car." Craig replies.

   "Well, whatever the hell happened how did we live and not dad?" Josh says in tears.

"No clue." Craig answers back.

   A few minutes later as they get out of the car they see  humanoid figure in a black outfit walking towards them. hey seems rather freightened about what was going on. 

"Dont Move!" The dark figure said. "Or else"

The boys stood there in shock.

"wh... who are you?" Josh asks.

   "I am Death" The dark figure replies.

"Death?" Craig replies. "What do you mean?"

   "I am here for Tim" Death replies.

"NO!" Craig yells. "You cant have him, please! Give us a chance to get him back!"

   "Fine, you two have 7 days" Death says. "7 Days"

"Where do we go?" Josh asks in confusion.

   "You must go to the Dragons Den." Death replies

   Death begins to fade into the darkness as he walks away from the boys. They have a very challenging mission in front of them, they must revive their father by traveling miles on end to get to the Dragons Den, one of earths most powerful Immortal creature.

   As the boys start to travel they are forced to get through many obstacles to acheive their goal to revive their father. hours later they've reached a large river the same color of blood.

"Where are we?" Craig asked.

   Josh never gave an answer to what Craig just asked. but what he did give him was a very grim look. all of a sudden both Josh and Craig notice floating bones and dismembered body parts floating down the bloody river.

   "Turn back.' Muddered an unknown voice. "Leave while you can!"

Josh and Craig were scared over the fact there were voices but no corpse it came from.

   "What do we do now?" Craig asked Josh. 

"I have no idea." He replied.

   Now both josha and Craig are trying to figure a way around the Blood River. They went to the left and the right and found no usable materials in the area to cross the river, till it hit them. They never realised that they can test the acid levels in the water, Josh picks up a stick and stuck it into the red water. The water wasnt acidic at all, but it was indeed filled with alot of blood. 

   "Craig, Lets try walking alonf the river" Josh says.

"Uh, we can attempt it" Craig replies "But those flying creature dont look very happy with our presence."

   "Good point." Josh says stuttering.

   They start to walk the edge of the river to find anything or anyone that can help them in their tough adventure. A few hours after walking beside the river they find a cat, it was a fluffy cat. Josh went to go pick up the cat to pet it and what not, but instead the cat besides to be a fucking douche bag to Josh. The cat grows large and start to morph into a winged demon. It has claws as large as his torso and Josh and Craig were rather scared. The wined demon started flying full speed towards Josh and Craig, both ducking the attack. Not knowing their family tree they dont know about whas about to happen. Alas the demon flys back around towards Josh and starts speeding towards him, He attempts to block the creature with his hands. but instead his hands start glowing bright red. He destroyed the Winged Demon with some sort of flames spitting from the palms of his hands.

   "What the fuck was that!" Craig yells.

"um, i have not one clue what the hell just happened, i tried blocking then poof the demon burst to flames" Josh replied.

   The boys in amazement keep walking, reaching the ending of the river they arrive at some sort of factory spewing blood into the river.

   "Explains the red color in the water" Josh says.

"Yes, but why?" Craig replies.

   So Josh and Craig walk into the factory that some reason has no protection or gaurds protecting the doors. as they enter the doors they see body parts and and blood in the processors and gears. At the end of the factory Josh and Craig notice something really strange about the conveyor belts, at the landing platform at the end is a human figure, like they've seen it  before. they approach the unknown person cautiosly.

   "Hello? are you ok?" Josh yells

"Leave me be, dont come any closer please" The figure says under his breath.

   "Whats wrong?" Craig yells.

   And suddenly the figure moves really fast and has Craig pressed against the wall by his throat. Josh freaks out not knowing what to do in the situation with a demon suufocating his only brother.

   "Craig, im coming!" Josh yells out. "Please, hang in there!"

"Dont come any closer, bitch!" the figure yells "LEAVE!"

   "No!, I wont leave without craig!" Josh yells back.

Josh is freaking out at this point, hes scared. he trys shoot fire from his palms again, but it fails. he trys something else, he finds some chains and attemps to tie the figure up. Instead when throwing the chains they turn into little minion like people with a tint of dark red. What josh doesnt know is he just summoned his own Minions to fight for him. The figure turns around and releases Craig, Josh finally gets a good glimps of the bitch  that tried to kill Craig....

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