What is the Almond Joy contest?

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Well, it's essentially a contest, for books tagged with the Almond Joy slogan.

"Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't."

Choose a topic to support this slogan, incorporating it in your own unique way. It's like writing an essay, and the slogan is your theme/thesis statement.

For example:

16 year old Hannah Lively is a tomboy. She prefers tennis shoes over sandals, pants over skirts, pizza over Chipotle, and root beer over Starbucks. It isn't until star quarterback, Dylan Moon shows up, and decides to change her mind. Will Hannah continue to be the non-frilly, messy tomboy, or will she transform her image for the new guy on the block?

At times in the story, Hannah can be a 'nut'.

For example:

"I tripped over my shoelaces, and knocked over the glass vase, crashing it into pieces. I was embarrassed. God, he must think I'm a nutcase or something."

Hannah can act like a total 'nutcase' when Dylan is around. But sometimes, she isn't.

For example:

"The moonlight shone brightly, and the starts gleamed as my stomachs flipped with joy. Dylan leaned in ever-so-slightly, and pressed his soft lips unto mine."

These are the times when she's not a nut.


There you guys go. You can't steal these examples, because I'm using them for my sample story. It'll be short and sweet, for the ones who want to participate, but have no idea how to write a storyline including the theme.

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