(Still day 4)

I knew something like this would happen if I told Ryder. I knew he would beat Hudson up and I knew it wouldn't turn out good.

The car ride back to my house was filled with tension. No one talked except the radio. I felt really sorry for Grayson who had to see all of this, i couldn't get mad at Ryder because that would unleash a flood of crap.

But the moment the car door closed and the door to the house opened; lets just say we got in a little fight.

Twenty minutes later, it's still going strong.

"Bryn, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it," Ryder groans, running his fingers through his hair.

"You should have tried harder! Now Hudson has a cracked rib, and his parents are going to ask how that happened. He might tell our parents that I was dating him and that we aren't dating!"

"If you had told me in the first place, I would have had time to cool down so I wouldn't do anything like this!"

"If you would have listened to me and had a little bit of self control, we wouldn't be here right now!" All of our plans could be diminishing. All that we have worked for over the past eight months- gone. All because Ryder couldn't hold himself together!

Ryder paces the floor and then plops down on the couch. "I'm so sorry Bryn. When I heard that he was cheating on you, it enraged me-"

"No kidding," I mutter.

He rolls his eyes and continues, "I just can't believe someone would continually hurt you! You are so valuable and beautiful," He stands up and approaches me, "And I just can't believe that he didn't see what he had," He engulfs me in a hug, tucking my head in the crook of his neck.

"If you weren't like my brother, I would have just married you or something," I laugh.

"Who says you can't?" He asks teasingly and I push away from him.

"Hmmm... I don't know? That would be like against the law or something."

"Who says that?"

"Umm... People."

"Who is people?"

"Darn you, Ryder. Why are we even having this conversation? We aren't getting married you weirdo."

"PSHHH... Why would we?" He chuckles.

"Anyway... Watcha wanna do tonight?"

"Four wheeling and then a movie?"

"I'll go throw on some jeans!"

Four wheeling is the best! Like lets go really fast on a vehicle that's going though mud.

In ten minutes flat, we were ready and on the four wheeler.

Ryder immediately gassed the pedal thingy... Or whatever it's called, and we hit sixty mph almost immediately!

I squeal with joy and love the adrenaline rush.

After an hour of mud riding, near death experiences, and pure fun, we head back to the house for a movie. And I promise Ryder last time that it was his turn to pick a movie.

"How about The Conjuring?" Ryder asks searching through AppleTV.

"Heck no! I will not watch a scary movie. I'll have nightmares for months!"

"How about this then, if you have a nightmare, I'll stay up with you until you want to go to bed again."

"You'll regret this." I tell him.

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