Chapter-8 Charming

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KushQueenKhloe’s comment really encouraged me so, I dedicate this chapter to her. I really appreciated it! Thank you so much!


Jamie’s incident was just side-splittingly funny!

I am walking alone towards my next lesson at the end of the corridor because my only friend Tina has another lesson. As I was walking, I wondered about the people casually leaning against the corridor walls about the classes they have to go to and whether or not they would be late.  

There was this one guy who looked exceptionally relaxed. My eyes stayed on him and we made eye contact for 3 seconds. He had the typical bad boy look with distressed jeans and an earring on his left ear. There was a sense of danger around him and I could feel it from three meters away.

“Hello, loner newbie!” the guy teased as I walked past him. I turned around to look at him and fear gripped me hard. The people around him snickered and my heart thumped harder. The energy drained out of my body. My limbs started shivering. I looked down at my feet.

“You sure scared of me!” He declared cockily and walked towards me. I have to look up at him. I can’t let him think that I am a weakling. I have to show him that I am strong even though I am not. I look up at him and see that there are more people who are wanna-be-scary surrounding me.  They may be wanna-bes but they still frightened me. It brought back memories of me getting threatened by bullies in my high school.

My courage left me completely. My strength ditched me leaving just a trail so, that I can stand. I have no hope anymore. I am over. It’s the end. I closed my eyes anticipating complete darkness.

“What the…?”  I heard a male voice but, I still kept my eyes shut fearing the worst. Nothing happened.

I heard muffled voices and people walking away from me. Am I dead? Hey, death’s not too bad, then! Why are people fearful of death, then? Can you move when you are dead?

I tried moving my feet. My feet moved. Yeah, I can move! Death gives freedom of movement!

What about my eyes?  Am I going to be blind for the rest of my death life? I slowly move my hands away from my eyes but, I still kept my eyes shut.

When I opened them gently, I see a guy with curly hair moped to a side smiling at me. “You okay?” He asked me laughingly.

“Yeah, why?” I ask him back.

“You seemed scared to open your eyes. Are you alright?” He asked with worry weaving through his eyebrows. But, he still had his smile on.

“Yeah.” I gave him a sweet smile. The second bell rang indicating that if I entered my class after this, I would be in deep trouble.

I ran towards my class, ignoring the guy.

“Hey, there is no point in going to your class anymore. You will just get kicked out, you know.” He shouted after me.

I stopped suddenly and turned around.

“Don’t go. Just bunk it.” He advised.

I ignored his advice and walked towards my class. I stood outside my class waiting to get the teacher’s attention. The teacher turned to me and indicated with her hands to wait. She’s probably going to ask me the reason for my late arrival. When she hears about a bad scary guy scaring me she will sympathize and let me into her class.

I waited. Giving the class something to engage with, she walked towards me.

“Why are you late?” she asked with authority drenched in her words.

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