Chapter fourteen.

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"Baby, you know I hate it when you do that?" George sighed as he opened the door.

"A normal guy would walk into his dorn shouting 'Honey I'm home!' But you? Not so much." I chuckled as I wrapped my arms around him.

"Well. I love you too if it's not too late?"

"Nope. According to my watch you were right on time." My hand laced into his hair as my lips planted softly onto his. Our kiss lasted at least 3 minutes before he broke away to look into my eyes.

"George. I want more sex." I breathed onto his lips. I had been thinking about it since last night. It kind of faded but it came back when we saw those guys at McDonalds. I wanted him. Badly. I remember how pleasurable his tongue was against my...

"Bitch snap out of it. You need to take this seriously. I want him. You want him! What are you waiting for." My inner goddess was screaming at me like Mr. T when he shout at people, tellinng them to get some nuts.

His eyes were still staring into mine but they looked drousy. Almost like he was tired? I knew this look. He's horny... I slid my hand down his body and started to rub the bulge which was growing out of his jeans. He dropped the bag that was resting on his should and slid his hands to my waste. Our lips locked again and his bottom lip was soon between my teeth. Before long I My hand had slid into his jeans and was soon making there way into his boxers. His head was back and his stance was slightly drooping.

"Baby I think you should sit down." I looked up at him but  his head was still facing the ceiling. After a few seconds his head came down as he began to slowly make his way around me and too the sofa where he pulled down his jeans and boxers and slumped down into the chair. I bit my lip as I saw his huge shaft standing errect. A wet feeling filled my knickers as I knelt down infront of him, his legs ajar. My hand soon grabbed it softly and started to twist and shift up and down.

"Oh fuck... Baby I never knew you liked this?" He Gripped the sofa and started to chuckle before a deep groan escaped his mouth. "Oh baby..."

That gave me an Idea. I looked at him before sliding my tongue out of my mouth. before I had a chance to re-think, my tongue was already flicking over his bellend. I felt Georges body tense up beneath me before he let out another deep groan. I slid his penis all the way into my mouth and abck out again and repeated when I heard another deep groan. It was so sexy. His hand lifted onto my head and was pushing it down intensley.


It had been 2 weeks. Mechanics was going great. I passed my first exam with flying colours. Hayley and James were officially dating. Me and George were having long and passionate sex at least twice every night. It was becoming great.

"You need to cut down on the McDonalds, sugar." Hayley sniggered as her feet slumped down onto my lap.

"Are you saying I'm fat?!" My mouth dropped open in shock. What a bitch.

"Well you're getting a little bump on there... We do go to McDonalds almost everyday of the week, even the workers know our names I swear."

"Well I don't put weight on when I eat?" I raised an eyebrow at her. Her eyes widened as she put down her magazine slowly.

"You... You did use a condom when you fucked george the first time right?..." Her words hit me like a punch in the stomach. A long silence lingered in the air as we both knew. We hadn't used one.

"Fuck... I don't think we did. Shit...Shit! What's he going to say! What's my mum and dad going to say! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

"You can't tell George!"

"Why! He needs to know?"

"But he's a college boy. He may not seem like an asshole but once you tell him you don't know what will happen? He could leave you because he doesn't want anything to do with that child. He still has his clubbing and piss ups to look forward to. Don't you watch Jeremy Kyle? Jheeze."

"No? George isn't like that. He wouldn't leave. Would he?"

"Well. I still wouldn't tell him. Just in case."


The thought of me being pregnant lingered in my mind all day. It was making me dizzy.

"I know! You stupid son of a bitch. Why don't you just get an abortion and he will never know?" My inner goddess was sat on the edge of her seat with her fingers locked together.

"Oh my goodness! That is a great idea!" I screamed. Hayley was out. And George was out with James so I had the house to myself. "But I want more sex." I slumped down onto my bed and placed my hands on my stomach.There was a knock on the door followed by footsteps.

"Hello?" George's voice filled the room and a smile instantly formed on my face.

"I'm in here." I called back, sliding my tongue onto my teeth. I closed my eyes and relaxed quietly. Silence filled air room again.

"How is my beautiful girlfriend?" George jumped onto the bed, scaring the life out of me. My body lifted off of the bed and as his body slammed down.

"Holy Fucking balls. You asshole!" I screamed out. "Don't do that."

"I'm sorry, Dickhead."

"Oh. Charming" I smirked.

"I love you." He leant over me and kissed my lips briefly before getting up and walking out of the room. "Come on. Hurry up and get ready!"

"What? Why?"

"We're going to a party tonight and I want you to look stunning." He stuck his head behind the door frame and frowned at me. "Not too stunning though. I don't want anyone to try stealing my girl."

"Oh shut up. You are gorgeous? If anything I should be watching out for the girls that are going to be trying to shove there ass' in your face."

"Wouldn't mind that?" He shrugged smiling. I lifted up my pillow and threw it at him but he was too quick. He ducked out of the way and laughed as it flew past him. I covered my face in shame. "That was such a pathetic attempt to hit me?"

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up."

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