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" We can't just send him back, he has to go back home."

" He is not going back there where he will be in danger. Staying here will help him learn how to defend himself."

" He is in constant danger here! We are lucky that he is still alive. We are sending him back and that is final."

" I said he is not leaving god damn it!" There was a silence before the talking continued. " He can not go back there, not with them there. He should not be there with them, he should be here with us so he can know what to do in case he gets attacked again. We will teach him the things he needs to know, he will be stronger than he was when he first got here."

" Whatever you say, but I do not agree with this decision. Remember Lucas, he is no longer my responsibility right now, you have to be the one taking care of him whether you like it or not." With that the door to the hospital room was shut, that silence once again filling the room.

Lucas stood at the foot of the hospital bed that Michael was laying in. He stared long and hard at Michael, tears began forming in his eyes.

" What have I done?" Lucas whispered to himself. " I should have been there for you. You are not the monster that I thought you would grow up to be."

The man took a seat and took Michael's hands in his.

" You know, the real reason why I left is not because I wanted the perfect happy family. I left because your mom made me, she said that if I did not leave she would kill both you and your sister. The way you envision me leaving is not how it happened, she made you believe that is what happened. I left to protect you guys. I have to pretend to not want you I have to pretend that you are the most annoying little shit ever, which you are. Keep in mind that you are not a monster, you are going to get out of here soon and I am going to try to be a real father, I am going to try to be there for you." Lucas stood up and put on his coat, glancing at Michael before he let the door close behind him.


" Well AmyLynn, what shall we do to you? We have tortured your precious daughter which leaves us to decide something for you."

" You will not get away with this Jarvis! My son is going to come and kill you once and for all." Jarvis let out a laugh.

" Your son is in the hospital Amy, he can't come help you. The BHS is very upset with you, why didn't you send Michael here instead of that shitty academy?"

" Because people like you go here and he is far to good for this shitty place."

" Amy you call this place shitty when you went here? You are such a stupid child! I would expect you to show some pride!" A woman with a long black cloak appeared from behind Amy, causing her to shiver.

" Mother, nice of you to butt into the conversation."

" Daughter, you have the mind of a crowlet. Stupid and brainless."

"  At least crowlets don't have ignorant mothers who think that they own the entire land of Estandia."

" I think that way because I do. Now we have some things to discuss my dear daughter. First things first your pest of a daughter decided to cause a ruckus, so we paralyzed her for a while."

" You paralyzed my daughter! If my powers were not so weak I would blow your head up in an instant." Amy spat.

" You know, Michelle looks so much like you. Long blonde hair the glows when she is mad, eyes go from blue to blood red once angry. It would be sad if she just died right in front of your would it not AmyLynn?"

" I don't know what kind of sick twisted game you are playing but it needs to stop mother! I do not want my kids to grow up like me, they deserve better. Sending them to Elk Run Heights is the best thing to do. Michelle would have went to if you didn't send my own brothers to kidnap me!"

" They are not your real brothers."

" They may not be blood but they were there for me when you weren't Edith."

" My sweet little girl, that ex husband of yours has corrupted your mind. Now rest up my dear, you have a big day tomorrow." Edith let out a sinister laugh as she left the room, leaving AmyLynn strapped down to the table in the dark.


Two months later 

" Now as you can see the sun is about to rise. Tomorrow night we will discuss the history behind shapeshifters like you and I. Have a great morning."  The bell rung and everyone dashed out of the small dark room, everyone except for Michael and Aspen.

" I swear Mr. Craw is trying to kill us with this homework." Aspen commented.

" He probably is, I mean he was talking about the difference between a shapeshifter and a mermaid for half the class then gives us a packet over the history of crowlets." The two laughed and exited the class room.

For the past month Michael has been going to Elk Run Heights with no problems at all. Of course he still has the usual arguments with his father and half-sister, but other than that everything is perfect. Except for the fact that he still hasn't found his mother or Michelle. He has gathered up clues and put the pieces together but he has never been able to actually quite figure out  where they exactly are. He has made plenty of new friends and is now considered popular. Almost all the girls that attend the academy want to be Michael's next girlfriend, but he still hasn't found the one just yet.

" Hey Michael, Amnesty and I are going to go for a run later today since we have no classes. Want to come with?"

" I don't know. I promised Sierra that I would help her study for a test in her spell class." Michael could see a frown form on Aspen's face.

" Oh."

" Maybe if we get done early I will meet you both out there."

" No, no it's fine. I mean you don't have to come I was just saying it would be nice if you did because the three of us haven't really gone out for a run in a while."

" Aspen I said that I will go. Calm down. I will try to be there, I have to go meet Simon but I will see you later." Michael gave Aspen a side hug and ran down the stairs to the dance hall.

" You are so annoying, I really don't understand how we are related."

" You are just mad that I tried to get in your girlfriend's pants."

" You what mate?"

Before things could go any further Michael walked in, stepping in between the twins.

" Simon go calm down before you do something stupid." Simon pushed Michael's hand off of him and went over to one of the chairs.

" What are you his boyfriend or something? Bloody hell I swear you two are together twenty-four seven." Liam scoffed.

" Oh shut up will you. Go be with your stupid friends or something instead of picking on your brother for once." Liam growled at Michael and pushed him back, stomping off like a three year old.

Michael went over to his roommate and put a hand on his shoulder.

" You alright?"

" Yeah I am fine, but he tried to get Aspen to cheat on me. He knows how much I love her, I mean we have been together for four years and he has tried numerous times to do something like this. I just hate it so much."

" Simon listen to me, Aspen loves you more than anything. Trust me she talks about you whenever she gets the chance to. She would not cheat on you with your own brother, she is too nice to do that. Now, lets go to Sierra's room and help her with her presentation yeah."

Simon nodded and the two friends exited the dance hall, making sure to turn off the light that illuminates the elegant room.

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