Roisin's POV

"But I don't even like minecraft!" precious groans.

" I don't care retweet that NOW!" I shout.

We both retweet and I see that we,and kellie and Molly made it!

Kellie tweets out asking to play with us and we're all sent the ip.

*la dies*

We log on (I forced precious to make an account)

OMG! SKYYYY!!!!!!!

I think I might cry...

This is so freaking AMAZING!!!!

We build and chat.

And pee ourselves laughing because Tyler got pissed when sky killed him.

It's so amazing, to think that we're actually playing with these guys.

Especially the fluffy backa...

I want that for Christmas ;)

Precious' POV

I don't get this game!

But still those guys are pretty hilarious.

Kellie, roisin and kellie's friend..... molly!

All seem to love them.

I guess it's pretty fun but roisin keeps killing me!

'How do I kill you!?' I yell.

' Do /kill' she says with an evil grin.

I type it in the chat and immediately die!!!

The chat is filled with: LOL

roisin what did you do?

has she ever played before? xD

'You tricked me!' I shout at roisin

'Sorry pressure!' she laughs

'It's precious!'

She continues laughing as I eventually figure out how to punch.

Kellie comes over to me and throws a blue sword on the floor.

I pick it up "diamond sword" she punches toward roisin and I run over.

I hit her a few times and :NexusgirlMC was slain byStylish_Diva6688
Appears in the chat.

'YES!!!' I shout in her face.

She stares blankly at the screen.

'It's on...' I hear her say.

And so it begins...

Jason's POV

These girls are hilarious!

They're all so sweet, except roisin, she's a ...abrupt?

Yeah that's the word.

We play a quick round of survival games, kellie is on my team, roisin on sky's, precious on Tyler's and Molly on ty's.

All of the teams go for Mitch and jerome cos...... well it's Mitch.

We take them out pretty quickly and me and kellie run to get some better armour.

We all decide to join a call with our teammate so me and kellie talk while looking for players.

'So,umm. you have a boyfriend?' I choke out.

She giggles on the other end.

'No?... why do you ask?'

'Just umm... just wondering.' I suck at talking to girls...

'There's sky!' she shouts running towards him.

I run to help her but I'm taken out.

'Noooooooo!!!! I will avenge you Jason!!!' she laughs.

I go into gamemode 3 so I can spectate.

It's only kellie and-

Wait! Tyler!? how is he still alive!?

' I hid in the trees' he types in the chat answering my question.

'I'm a cat' he's wearing his cat skin I'm guessing.

They both decide to meet in the middle and fight.

'Half a heart!' kellie shouts and with one more hit Tyler takes her out.

' I call hacks!!!' she types in the chat.

'YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!!!' he replies.

After we all just mess around and do quick builds and stuff.

It's all going really well, but something doesn't feel right...

Suddenly there's a loud bang, a flash and then complete darkness...

Kellie's POV

I slowly open my eyes.

'Is anyone there?' I say.

'K-kellie?' I hear Molly say my name.

'Molly! are you okay?'

What's going on? where are we?

I hear voices in the distance.

'What happened? we were just playing and then....this!' it sounds like ty!

'Guys! are you there?' I yell.

'Kellie,is that you?' I hear.

'Jason?' I hear him run up to us.

'Are you okay!?' he says helping us both up.

'we're fine' we both say.

'where's everyone else?' I ask looking around.

' they're over here.' he says leading us to the others.

'you guys! I found them.'

I see all the guys and precious and roisin.

' where are we?' sky says.

We all take in our surroundings.

Everything looks different but familiar at the same time....

The blocky ground tells us all what's happening...

'guys?' Kyle speaks up.

'are we in minecraft?...'

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