Back at S.H.I.E.L.D.

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(Three days later)

I finally got out of the hospital. Yay me! But my arm ins in a sling. Boo! Anyway. I am walking around getting reacquainted with my home.

They've changed this place quite a bit. Probably because of Thor's psychotic little brother. I may or may have not hacked into S.H.I.E.L.D's classified files and read and watched everything that happened last year with Loki and about the people who make up the Avengers. Hehe. I'm a bad girl.

Anyway I am walking around and doing things that I probably shouldn't be doing. Hehe. Bad Danni! Anyway I am currently walking by a lab and decide to go in. I see a very fimilar brown shaggy headed man in a violet shirt. I smile and go stand next to him.

"Hey Bruce!" I say and he turns and looks.

"Oh. Hey, Danni. How are you feeling?" He asks stopping what he is doing.

"Good. Just taking everything in. Last time I was here, before the Avengers and everything, this was a hang out spot for me and Clint. We used to sit in that corner and drink soda's and eat sugary snacks." I say pointing to a corner.

"Hm. I did not know that." He says.

"Yeah. But that was a long time ago. Almost an eternity." I say sadly.

"Danni." Bruce says and I look at him. "I know things have changed and that they will never go back. But you still have Clint. You will always have Clint. He's here, Danni. You guys are back togeather. He was thrilled when you came back, even though he was worried about you, he was so happy when you got back. He was constantly by your side. If it wasn't him it was Steve. One of the two were always with you." I nod and sit on the table.

"Things have changed, but I think you'll like the change, Danni. It's really a good effective place."

"Yeah. I just hope I can adjust to the change. I'm worried about the adjustment, because for six years. I was running throughout Europe chasing a madman and his goons. Constently moving and running. I don't know how i'm going to change my pace to fit in here." I say as I swing my feet.

"I understand. Maybe that's why you and Steve work so well togeather. He missed the last seventy years. He's still adjusting, but maybe he can help you." Bruce says and I nod.

"I hope so. I am so lost anymore. I can't believe everything that's happened in the world since i've been gone. I mean I couldn't have any cellphones or anything like that. They could have been tracked. I was completely in the dark about everything. I didn't even know about what happened to my brother and you guys until Steve told me." I say.

"Yeah he told us about that." He says. Then the lab doors open and Tony walks in.

"Hey non ya." He says.

"Sup Anthony?" I say just to annoy him.

"It's Tony." He says.

"And mine is Danni." I say.

"Whatever. So Brucey have you made any progress?" He says waving me off.

"A little. But it's still not working right. It still isn't recognizing the chip." Bruce says going back to what he was doing.

"Hmmm." Tony says.

"Watcha workin on?" I ask.

"It's an upgrade for Tony's iron man suite." Bruce says.

"Oh. Can I try?" I ask.

"Be my guest." Bruce says as he steps back. I look and start messing with it.

"Hey hey hey! What are you doing?!" Tony yells as he start walking over. I finish and put the chip in and the suite synchronizes with the chip.

"Upgrading your suite." I say as the suite finishes upgrading.

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