Chapter 24: Follow your heart

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Wi arae wi wi arae
Wi arae wi wi arae
Wi arae wi wi arae up
Wi arae wi wi arae
Wi arae wi wi arae
Wi arae wi wi arae

The three of us collapsed onto the ground after we completed the Nth time of practice over EXID's 'Up & Down'. It had became a hit recently so we decided to use this song for our performance.

"DAEBAK. This is the best workout I've ever had", Guk Joo unnie said as she wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Grabbing some drinks from the other side of the room for them, my legs almost went wobbly as I trudged back.

Youngji was the only one who could still make it for another round but she's a dancer and singer herself so she must have been used to this sort of vigorous trainings.

"Wendy, you need to get used to it too. I didn't expect you to be so weak since you are a trainee yourself. I heard that JYPE's trainings are quite strict", Youngji made a face at me.

HA. She didn't exactly know that the last time I actually 'trained' was just days before attending Roommate and ever since then, I was just drifting around the company, busy spying on people.

"Anyway, Wendy-ssi~ I saw that Jin and BTS members were present at your birthday party last night~ What's the relationship between you two now?", Guk Joo unnie suddenly eyeballed me.

I almost spat out my water and I pumped on my chest to swallow it properly.

"Just normal friends?"

Fortunately, she wasn't aware that Jin had already confessed to me, otherwise she would definitely make a big fuss out of it.

"You sure?"

"Ne. Just a very close oppa and dongsaeng relationship. Stop thinking too much unnie", I replied her.

"Yea, stop teasing her unnie", Youngji supported me.

Honestly speaking, I don't know the answer myself.

I took another sip of water.

Maybe I should ask Guk Joo unnie instead since she sounded quite experienced about it?

"Unnie, I've got a question for you."


"When do you know exactly when you fall in love with someone?"

She laughed.

"When you see how Youngji and Jackson are behaving towards each other?"

"UNNIE!!!", Youngji's face blushed right away at her comment.

I tried to help Youngji by telling unnie how serious am I towards the question and that I wanted a proper answer.

It calls for our Girl's Talk Part 2.

She placed her arm under her chin and thought for awhile.

"Erm... First sign of love is usually when your heart starts beating really fast whenever you see him, followed by not daring to look at him in the eyes when you are talking to him"

"And and you will want to keep seeing and bumping into him no matter where you are"

"And you will always wonder 'what he's doing right now?' Oh and not to forget, whenever you text him, you will wait for his reply painstakingly, as if his few minutes would mean a year to you..."

Guk Ju unnie and Youngji answered my question interchangeably.


Surprisingly, it kind of described what I am currently going through.

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