She Knows

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After Homeroom, Ali came running at me. I couldn't tell if she was mad or happy, it was to early to determine that.

"Marcela! How could you not tell me you like Mason!" "I DONT LIKE HIM!" "Oh don't you lie to me! I saw how you dissed me so you can "work" with him!" "And I'm sorry about that, and even if I did like Mason, he is wayyyy out of my league, I just got lucky that Ms. Thompson paired us up together." "So you do like him?" "Uhhh... I Dont know..." "I'm watching you Marcy, and if you do like Mason its okay to tell me you know." "Uhhh...fine, yes maybe I do kinda like Mason." "OMG! OMG! My BFF is in love with an 8th grader that is out of her league!!" "You dont have to rub it in." She hugged the heck out of me and squeaked. "To Be Honest, i dont like Mason, he seems like a dangerous person to like." "Why does everybody keep saying that!?!?" "Just look at him! You started liking him cause of his face right?" "Yeah...." "Well there are like 13 other girls in this class! Dont you think there might be a possibility that other girl would want dibs in him?" "Uhhh...what was I thinking liking a boy like him! Of course other girls might like him! Maybe I should just back off." "I'm sorry girl but he is a dangerous kind of goal."

Now that my best friend had successfully made me realize that liking Mason could turn into a disaster I started backing off, letting him talk to other boys (and girls) , and they were right, Mason was just like any other boy...a player.

"Hey Marcy, why so down?" Said one of my other Best Friends, Angel. "I thought I actually found somebody that liked me but I found out his just another boy." " OMG who?!" "Well I kinda started to look at Mason but he's out of my league and he's to dangerous." "Eww! Mason is ugly girl! He has like a bazillion pimples on his face and he has the most crooked teeth! You know he needs braces right?" "Yeah I know but at that time I wasn't looking at his pimples or crooked teeth I was looking at his personality, and maybe his eyes but you get the point." "Its okay girl! Its mid-September, and there's like 9-8 months of school left I think you'll find someone else to crush on, Now...Are you gonna sign up for Volleyball season?" "Is that even a question?...of course I am! Volleyball is life!" Angel laughed. "Now let's go get up some Tpumps or Quicklys to lighten up the mood." "Omg yassss!''


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