Chapter 6 - My turn to laugh

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Gundas: people who get paid by people to kill threaten or beat up someone the person does not like. They are stereotypically muscular and fearsome-looking. These kinds of people are mostly in India. They are very dangerous.

My first day of college.

In the beginning…I did not make any friends. Blame it on my dad. Why on your dad you may ask. Because, he made me a very reserved and unfriendly person.

My dad wanted to keep me secure and well, apparently.

 Are you are still confused?  It’s okay. I’ll explain. My dad kept me safe and sound inside the house because he was scared of Gundas. My dad was scared that some jealous enemy would send Gundas to do something on me because some rich fat-ass was jealous of my dad’s ‘pretty daughter’. That’s my dad’s exact saying when he was trying to convince me to stay home and do home-schooling instead of joining a high-school. I still did not like my dad. Even though, he called me pretty. So, he made me stay inside the house until I thought I should stand up for myself and ask him to allow me some freedom. After many arguments and debates, he let me go to high-school like normal teenagers. And at home I did not need the talent of ‘socialising with people’ hence I am really bad at making friends. Somehow, I survived high school.

So, here I am. Friend-less.

But, ignoring all that thoughts, I walked into my third lesson of the day. I made a mental note to google tips on being friendly and approachable.

I enter the class and I am greeted by the sight of an Atlantic ocean of girls.

And one boy.

Sad life for the boy. Or maybe good life. He is turned away from me and is talking to some chick. Actually, a BIG group of chicks. All the chicks present there are clearly enjoying his presence and whatever he is saying. The spot light is shining brightly on him alone. Realizing that I don’t need to bestow my attention on him because he already has more than he can handle, I look for a place to sit.

A girl with long dark hair has an empty seat beside her. She does not look like a person who has lots of friends. People with fewer friends are in need of friends and so, they are more approachable and open to new people. That’s my theory.

Guessing that she does not have truck-loads of friends, I sit next to her and present her a warm smile. She smiles back.

“Hello! I am Tina.” She introduces herself.

I feel happy! I am making a friend! Or at least, in the progress of making one.

“Hi. I am Genelia.”

And so goes on our first conversation. The teacher was late and that provided us with enough time to become attached to each other. Tina is a really shy person and her first attempt to make a friend was me and my first attempt was her! She told me that she overheard her room mates and their friends taking about how jealous they are of me because I get to share a room with the most good-looking /juicy/hot/cute/delicious guy (as different people put it)in our class. There are tons of other guys too but, apparently, all of them ‘turn invisible’ when Jamie enters the show! That’s quoting a guy-chasing-girl.

“Hello, everyone!” our petite female professor shouted over our class that has now turned out to be a noisy market.


Time passes…

Our professor is pretty good at conserving everyone’s attention. She is reading out a text and we are taking notes. When I can’t keep up with her pace, I copy off Tina.

“Brackets closed and the …” when our teacher stopped talking mid-sentence, I looked up at her from my notebook to see what was wrong. She has her eyes concentrated on someone further behind me.

“Hey! You, boy!” She was trying to get the boy's attention. the only boy in our class. 

I turn around see the person. Jamie! So he was the boy I saw in the beginning of my lesson! No wonder he attracted the attention of many girls! He was like the North Pole among many very magnetic compasses.

Jamie looks up at her. “Stand up, please!” She orders him. He stands up.

“What is that in your hand?” she asks him. He had a small square-shaped thing covered in newspaper.

“Um, I don’t know” he answers. He tries to shake and then tries to squeeze it. “I think its bread” saying that, he started opening it. I couldn’t see what was in it.

“Ew! That’s disgusting!” Jamie exclaimed. I leaned over to see what it is.It’s a packet of sanitary pads!

Jamie has a look of complete revulsion on his face. He is rubbing his hands clean in the newspaper that once covered the packet of sanitary pads. The whole class roared in laughter.

“Why did you have it?” the professor inquired between her laughs.

“She told me to pass it to some random chick!” he complained, pointing to the girl sitting next to him. The girl laughed even harder.

My sides hurt from laughing so hard!



Any cast suggestions? Because this story has Indian charachters, do you think that they should have Indian actors? Or even Hollywood is fine.

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