March 6th, 2014


After breakfast, Trent went up to his room to put a shirt on and steal a pair of Landon's jeans. I told him it would be okay until we were able to go out and buy him clothes.

Since he is staying with the Shadow Pack, he is going to need a wardrobe. All he packed was enough clothes for one night. And since he isn't leaving, I refuse to let Jesse travel back to the Cossitt Pack unprotected. She will also be unprotected without Trent against Castor's brutality. She isn't going back there. Castor will be here before we know. We could use her strength.

I head to the backyard, standing next to Natalie as she screams at Landon to tear Blondie apart. This is a side of her I've never seen. She's usually so peaceful and dainty, not encouraging violence. 

"Landon! You are so much stronger than that flea bag! Annihilate him!" Natalie wails as the two wolves tear at each other.

"You do know that they are only playing around, right?" I say, crossing my arms across my chest. There is no winning or losing. Both of the wolves are holding equal ground, neither inflicting pain toward the other.

Natalie smiles. "Of course. But there is nothing better than seeing Mason defeated." I press my lips and shrug. She's right. 

"Come on, baby! Pummel his ass!" I hoot. Landon looks over at me and gives me a wolfy grin before tackling Blondie to the ground and sinking his teeth into his neck. Blondie whimpers in submission and retreat. "Woo hoo!" I clap as Natalie jumps up at down, screaming. 

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Take that, Mason!" She runs over and hugs her brother, while pointing at the defeated wolf. He glares at Natalie and then gently jumps on her. She lies pinned underneath him, sticking her tongue out. "Don't be a sore loser, Mason." She chides, ruffling his hair. He shakes his head and steps off, meeting my eyes. 

I arch an eyebrow at the gentleness in his eyes. Blondie was nothing but a big softy, just like my mate. I fear that may be their weakness when Castor attacks. 

Landon trots over and presses his nose into the palm of my hand, rubbing his large body against my legs. I give his side a few loving pats. "Hello, my handsome man." I see his chest swell with pride. He tilts his head back to look up at me. 

"It's a miracle. That he can see in his wolf form." Natalie says, now standing beside Blondie who is also watching Landon and I. He smiles and I wonder what he is thinking. 

Landon is so whipped. He shoots to me. I glare, shaking my head. 

"Don't be a jerk. You're just jealous." I say. Landon lets out a bark in agreement. 

"Yeah, Mason! Just because you don't have your mate, you shouldn't make fun of Landon. You're going to be whipped when you meet your mate." Natalie says, pushing on Blondie's wolf. He lets out a soft growl and nips at her hand. She lets out a mock gasp, jerking her hand away. "Now Mason. That temper will only get you in trouble." 

Yeah? And who is going to carry out the punishment? Landon? He'd never hurt his best friend. Landon scoffs, rolling his eyes, lowering his body so he is laying next to me. He remains pressed up against my legs, keeping in contact with me. 

"No. Me!" Natalie springs up and tackles onto Blondie. He holds her weight easily, not even wavering a bit at the impact. Natalie grunts, trying to push him to the ground. "Maaason! Submit!" She orders. I laugh at her. She may be the late Alpha's daughter and current Alpha's sister, but she is too young to carry out orders. She is also too weak to inflict any sort of pain on a Beta of such strength. 

But Blondie plays along and his blond wolf collapses to the ground, letting out a loud groan.

Forgive me, oh powerful Natalie! Spare me! He cries. Natalie sits on Blondie's wolf, crossing her arms as she smiles in victory. I can't tell if she truly believes she brought him down on her own or not. But either way, she is a character. 

"Landon. I think this vile creature deserves death by fire." Natalie says. I burst out laughing, doubling over. Was this how it used to be? Before the attack on the Prowler Pack? 

I totally agree. Lana? Will you fetch the gasoline while I get the firewood? Landon asks, looking up at me, his tongue lolling out as he continues to pant. 

I manage to contain my laughter as I nod. "Whatever the mighty Natalie wishes." I give a curtsy and take a step to the outside grill. We keep a gallon of gasoline underneath for when we want to have a fire in the fire-pit. 

"NO!" I hear a girl scream. I look to see Sarah, Blondie's sister, running out of the house towards the guilty criminal. She falls to her knees and hugs her brother's neck. "Please, Miss. Natalie! I beg you to spare his life!" 

Is this for real? It's as if this was rehearsed... Or is everyone so accustomed to this that they just play along? 

Give the lad a break, sister. He should be given a second chance. Landon says, defending his best friend. Natalie lets out a huff and stands from sitting on Blondie. 

"Alright. You are free to go. But if you are to wrong me again, Mason Anthony Danielson, I will not hesitate to carry out your execution." Natalie lifts her chin up high and struts back into the house as if she were the Queen of England. 

Landon gets to his feet and gives my hand a sweet lick before he bounds in after his sister. Mason follows suit and Sarah stands, brushing dirt off her hands. She is quieter than Natalie, but I can tell that she has the same spirit and personality. Sarah is an exact replica of her older brother. 

She gives me a smile as she follows after her brother. When she reaches the door, Landon runs outside, effectively brushing past her. He adorns black basketball shorts and black Nike running shoes. He is in the process of pulling on his shirt before he stops in front of me. One would think he wasn't blind with his grace and accuracy. 

"That was incredible." I say, referring to the whole performance that took place just a moment ago. Landon grabs hold of my hand and leads me to the back patio where we always keep an arrangement of chairs and tables. We sit down on a bench and he pulls me closer beside him, draping his arm around my shoulders.

"Yeah. We used to always reenact scenarios like that. Natalie has always had a vivid imagination. Mason and I like to partake. We never want our sisters' outlook on the world to fade. They see it with so much light and happiness." Landon says, leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

I smile. Landon is a wonderful brother. He has always taken put her needs before his own. He is selfless when it comes to her.

I just hope that he is able to share her with Trent. No. I know he will. Trent will take part in all the charades. He will be a brother-figure towards Natalie until the time comes that he will take up the mate role. Landon will see this.  

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