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'hey luke', michael fake smiled when he saw luke at his locker.

'hi michael', luke smiled. it looked like a genuine smile. the complete opposite of michael's.

'how are you today?', michael asked sweetly. 'I'm okay, thanks for asking. why are you even asking this?', luke said.

'because I'm with jack now and I want to have a better life without us hating each other', michael shrugged.

'after all the shit I did to you?', luke asked confused. 'you know, I'm really sorry about that', luke said guilty.

'I forgive you luke, let's start our new friendship', michael said, obviously lying.

'hi I'm luke hemmings', luke laughed and hold out his hand for michael to shake it.

'I'm michael clifford', michael replied and shook his hand.

luke didn't know what he just got himself into.

'so how is the plan going?', calum asked curiously. 'well he actually believes that I have forgiven him', michael laughed. 'really?', calum asked. 'yeah, he's that dumb', michael laughed.

'look, he just texted me', michael showed calum and ashton the message on his phone.

>>from lucifer: do you want to hang out after school today? you know to make things better between us? luke :-)

'this is a master plan michael, just go and it will not take long until he will like you', ashton said and grinned.

'you know calum, I'm doing this for you, jack isn't an enthusiast of this person named luke', michael said.

'yeah I know I'm sorry, but I promise that it won't take long to make luke fall for you.'

michael just hoped that calum was right because he didn't want to lose jack because of luke. he couldn't let that happen.

'so what are you planning to do today with luke?', ashton asked. 'well I don't know...', michael shrugged.

'is this actually going to be a date?', michael asked. 'I think it would be better if you say that it isn't a date. don't go easy on him now and don't forget about jack mike', calum said.

'yeah you're right. I'm just going to eat something with him as a friend. no homo', michael laughed. 'but you're gay', ashton said confused. 'yeah, but not for luke', calum said.

michael was looking at all his different clothes and he simply didn't know what to wear. he felt like a girl.

'michael who is this boy at the door?', his mum asked him on the other side of the door.

'it's just luke mom', he said andtried to calm down and putting on the first pair of jeans he saw.

he heard his mom opening the door and letting luke inside and michael hoped that he looked okay with his skinnh jeans and black t-shirt. he just liked the colour black.

he went downstairs and put on his shoes to go to the pizza restaurant as fast as they could. 1) he didn't want his mom to say awkward and embarrassing things to luke about him and 2) he hated the fact that he needed to go on a date with luke hemmings.

michael knew all too well that this was kind of a date, there was no denying in that. he just felt guilty about jack.

'are you ready?', he asked luke when he saw him talking to his mom. 'hi michael! yeah I'm ready', he smiled. he seemed really excited about it and he seriously wanted to improve their sort of relationship.

'bye mom!', michael said when they left. 'use protection!', he could just hear her say that and he hoped that luke hadn't heard that.

'she thinks were together?', luke asked confused. 'no, she doesn't. okay I don't know but the fact is that we aren't', michael said.

they took luke his car to the restaurant and after a silent (but surprisingly not awkward) ride they arrived at the place.

luke jumped out the car to open michael's door like a real gentleman and he was happy to see that it made michael blush, even if it was only a little.

'reservation for hemmings please', luke asked when they entered the restaurant.

'table four please', the waitress smiled and pointed at a table near the window.

'so tell me more about yourself. I actually realised that with my stupid behaviour I don't know a single thing about you', luke sighed when they were sitting.

'well uhm... my middle name is gordon and I like to dye my hair. my mom is almost never home and I used to be bullied at my previous school before you did it to me', he tried to make luke feel guilty about it.

'I'm so sorry michael, I didn't mean anything of the stuff I said', luke said and he looked dead seriously.

'it's not going to be solved with a few words', michael said and he was happy when the waitress came to ask what they wanted to eat and drink.

they ordered and luke subtly placed his hand on michael's little one. 'don't touch me, I have a boyfriend you dick', michael said and pulled his hand from under luke's.

'I'm sorry', luke said sadly. 'I already knew that', he rolled his eyes. 'but...', luke mumbled. 'oh shut up', michael snapped.

they ate in silence and luke payed everything, for him and michael.

'so did you like it tonight? please lie to me michael', luke asked sadly. 'yes, it was an amazing night. goodbye luke, see you later', michael said and took his phone to call jack.

luke just sighed and stepped in his car. 'I'm such a fuck up!', luke yelled and slammed his hands on the steering will what made the horn go off.

he needed to get things right between him and michael, as soon as possible.


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