His Incorrigible Majesty


Eleana was about to remove her lemon robe but stopped when she heard familiar footsteps behind her. She didn't have to turn around to face him; she knew too well who that might be after all it was his palace she was imprisoned in.

"Sugar, you should have informed me that you want to go for a swim," his majesty said nearing Eleana.

Eleana could feel his breath on her nape. Eleana wasn't comfortable in being too near with him; his strong scent would suffocate her. She decided against her will to turn around to face him. "Why? I have to get your permission for that too, your majesty?" She replied, mocking him by his title.


"Stop sugaring me!" Eleana cut him off before he had a chance to say his cheesy line: Sugar, the name is Edward the great, bla bla bla.

"Ok fine! Eleana, inform me before going for a swim," he said, glancing at her. Her hazel eyes widened, staring into his emerald ones.

"Why? Why should I? I'm not your slave and I can do what I want." Eleana crossed her arms, proud to disobey him. His majesty noticed her curves when she did that. He walked closer to her and closed the distance between them.

"Because I don't want anonymous eyes to stare at you," he whispered, pointing to the opposite direction where there were huge tinted glass doors which separate the living area and the indoor pool.

Eleana, feeling him too close, took a step backwards. "What do you mean?"

"When I walked in, I saw all the servants had abandoned their job, staring at the glass door. They weren't even aware I was behind them. It seems they were fascinated by you or perhaps what was beneath the robe." His gaze rested on her robe. His hands touched her thin lemon material which made her black two piece clothing somewhat visible.

Eleana brushed his hands off her and took another step backwards.

"Nah, you're lying. Why would all the servants stare at me? " Eleana was sure he was the only one staring.

"I mean the men in particular. Now, I have to sack them all." His majesty replied, smirking at her.

"What? That's absurd. You can't do that!" Eleana muttered.

"Absurd, huh? I won't stand anyone with dirty thoughts of my future queen." His emerald eyes focused on her. He couldn't believe she was defending those bastards.

"I'm not your future queen and will never be one!" His majesty took a step forward. He knew that being close to her, will intimidate her.

"Ok sugar, I'm just kidding. I told everyone to take half day off since they can't concentrate on their job," his majesty murmured.

Eleana wanted to punch him for that. He sucked at jokes. "Well then, what are you still doing here? You said you had an appointment?"

"I cancel it." He said, nonchalantly.

"Cancel it, why?" she asked.

His majesty took a few steps closer, nearing her but she reacted too quickly, taking steps backwards. She didn't realize she was millimeters away from the pool.

"Because I don't want to miss this moment," he replied, trying to grab her arms to bring her closer to him. He managed to hold the cuff of her robe. Eleana, moved drastically backwards. His majesty held on to her cuff, and pulled it to him. Unfortunately, her robe came off with the pressure he applied, resulting Eleana to fall in the pool in her black bikini.

She was surprised by her sudden fall. The water hit her back violently. She allowed her body to sink. Rising up the surface will only result in him seeing her exposed body. However, his majesty thought she was struggling underwater. He took off his elegant black jacket, his dark blue tie and blue shirt. He then dived in. He swam underwater to her, grabbed hold of her petite waist and pulled her to him.

Eleana incredulously gasped as she felt his fingers touch her bare skin. Feeling intense, she closed both of her eyes. She didn't want to see the water rippling his delicious muscles that she wished to caress with her fingers. She didn't want to develop any feelings at all. She didn't like him being close to her. His single touch had some kind of magic power over her and she hated it.

Eleana, with her eyes still shut, wasn't aware that she was giving his majesty an opportunity to admire her body. Her curves were visible for his eyes to see. His highness felt glad he gave everyone the day off. He wanted to ravish her, make her moan his name. His hands travelled to her sides, exploring her. He lifted her arms and placed them around his neck. He felt her shuddered under his touch. Knowing that his touch had an incredible effect on her, he grinned. He held her firmly in his arms and brought her back to the surface.

Eleana breathed deeply as she realized she was no longer underwater. She slowly lifted her eyelids. Instantly, his emerald orbs burned into hers. They stared at each other for what seemed like eternity until his majesty broke the silence. "Sugar, I'm sorry but it seems wise for me to do this," he whispered, his breathe kissing her ears. He lifted her chin, without any delay, he planted his lips on her soft ones.


Sorry guys, this is unedited. I know plenty of mistakes. This prologue is a scence from a part of the story. So read on to find out how Eleana and his majesty ended up there.

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