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"Yes. I'm sure."

Itachi was still blushing but he sat up.

"Sasuke you have no idea what your doing to me right now."

He took off his shirt and I was staring at his chest. He was tan and skinny but still had muscle.

'He looks good. I wonder what he taste like. Wait what am I thinking?'

He rubbed his hands all over himself while looking me straight in the eyes. He slid his hand in his pants and let out a lewd moan.  He then slid down his own boxers and his erection popped up excitedly. He started to stroke himself, lewd moans and pants pouring out of his mouth.

"Aah hah mmh. Sasuke dont stop."

His eyes were half open and staring straight at me. He looked vulnerable. It was sexy, and he was just a few inches away from me on his bed. His face was sweaty and his mouth open. He started to lick his fingers and when they were coated he put one in his hole. His moans getting louder.

"Aah Sasuke more, harder!"

I was staring at him blushing.

"Sasuke come closer- aah"

He struggled to speak through all the moaning. I came closer to him. He immediately locked lips with me. The kiss was needy and desperate. He was moaning in my mouth. I have to admit I already had an erection but now it was just painful watching Itachi have all the fun. He added another finger and started moaning really loud after a minute.

"Aah Sasuke Im gonna cum."

And he did, except it went all over my thighs and very painful erection.

"Sorry Sasuke i'll clean you up if you want."

"Thank you. Wait what!?"

Itachi started to lick my thighs until all of his semen was off. He stopped at my rock hard dick.

"Do you want to do this part yourself?"

"No I never told you to stop."

Itachi looked at me with hungry eyes, still panting. He stared into my eyes and licked the underside of my dick. I threw my head back and unconsciously rock my hips towards Itachi. He smirked and continued to lick me until he put my dick in his mouth and started to suck.

"Aah Itachi"

Itachi blushed at me callng his name. I was blushing too. He then stopped and put three fingers in my mouth. I licked them and then he took them out. He positioned his finger next to my own hole.

"This might hurt Sasuke try to relax and if you want me to stop I will stop."

I nodded then brought his lips up to mine. Itachi was blushing again at my sudden change of emotion. He started to kiss back putting his tongue in my mouth. He thrusted his finger inside of me and I bit his tongue on accident. He pulled away and told me it didnt hurt and to relax. I did as he slowly started to thrust his finger inside of me.

'It hurts but it feels good'

"Aah hah"

I was panting. He added another finger and started to scissor me. I was officially a mess. A hot, probably gay, mess. He started to stroke me again as he added another finger.

"Aah, Itachi, right there!"

He touched something in me that felt good and now that he knows where it is, he's abusing it. He was starting to go faster and I was reaching my limit. I did my very best not to let go.

"Its ok Sasuke. Just cum. You'll be fine. Cum."

He whispered the last word in my ear and it made me climax. I let go. To my brother's voice. I am such a bitch.

"Itachi what did I just do?"

Itachi quickly replied.

"You just had oral sex with you brother."

"I'm too tired to think. I'll tell you what I figured out in the morning."

"Ok that's fine. Just be honest with me."

He placed a kiss on my forhead then we curled up together like we used to do many years ago and fell asleep. Just like that.

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