Lacey Henderson

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Hi. Im Lacey Henderson. I have been stuck in this boring ass house all summer while my best friend Morgan Tostano is having the time of her life in Hawaii. I finally get to see her although I'm not gonna miss her gushing over Dylan Manners. I was rushing out the door because I was going to be late for the first day of school. As I am walking I seeee Dylan and he looks at me.....then starts to walk twords me. Crap crap crap crap shit fuck dammit holy lord Jesus why. Shutup inner mind. "Hey Lacey pop how are ya?" Why does he talk to me like we have been friends for years??? "Fuck off Dylan"

"Feisty much?"

" what do you want Dylan?"
"You to go out with me."

"Not I don't date douche bags."

He then pinned me to the wall and looked me in the eye. His warm brown eyes sparkling in the sun. "Look. You like me I like you let me take you out on a date. Kay Lacey pop?"





"No Dylan please go away."

I spoke as I walked away not feeling bad whatsoever for denying him.



"Oh well your looking tan."

"Yea I went tanning in Hawaii "

"Dylan tried to ask me out and I said no."

"WTF. He is so hot."

"He's a player"
Lacey you know he is super a sexy. Admit it. Stop denying the facts.

Shut up inner mind. I squint my eyes together and in the distance I see Dylan.

"Heeey Lacey pop. I'm gonna talk to you during lunch don't hide away." He spoke while reaching to touch my hand. I quickly slapped it away. "Touch my hand again and I will chop it off with a chainsaw."
He looks so cute today with is soft looking lips and beautiful brown eyes.

Inner mind sometimes you can be so annoying. I put my stuff in My locker and headed to 1st  period and slept through 2nd&3rd period. Lunch quickly came around. As I was walking into the lunch room I felt two arms wrap around my waist then I was pinned against a locker. "Hey Lacey pop your looking quite fine today."  You know you like the feeling of his body next to yours his staring me into yours.

"And your being douchy as usual." I retorted with a sarcastic smile.

"I know you like me just admit it."

"No I don't I'm not gonna fall into your dumb traps of seduction."

"Come on Lacey pop stop hiding your feelings." I didn't even reply and just walked into the lunch room. "Morgan I need to be rid of Dylan he keeps hitting on me im not gonna fall for his tricks."

"What are u doing. He is so hot and you know it."

"No he's not"

"Yes he is."

"He's a Neanderthal." Lunch then ended and I finished my school i then headed home. I was walking when i see Dylan walking into the house next to me. Don't tell me he's my neighbor. Oh for fucks sake why. He's my neighbor. You know your excited your living next door to a guy with rock hard abs and beautiful brown eyes.I walked into my house and got ready for bed. I passed out and had amazing dreams about Dylan and I dating.

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