Picture Frames

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Rays rummage between curtains,
there stands a woman. With an elevation shrinking-
her nails curl around the base of her spine.
A shard of glass, housed in her clammy palms-
She flings it onto a wall behind him;
It was too early to get him.

A faint hum of a washing machine continues,
She shrills disallowing it’s entry to my ears:
‘Go! I never want to see you again.’
Pieces litter the marble flooring like a mine field-
She kicks them aside, unphased-
They mean nothing.

In the midst of fury you do not notice-
what a frail, feeble picture can grant you,
There in the kernel of chaos were two giggly daughters-
Hands clutching onto one another like a lifeline.
A spot of white light shimmer in their eyes,
‘Wearing’ their best smiles with crinkles by their lash lines.

Crackles sound as a hand is being pushed nearer,
What is absent is obvious. 
Memories flitter around as frames rest bro-
Their tale unfinishe…

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