Chapter 2

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"Hey I won't hurt you." Luke said and reached for the boy's hand, the boy was cramped in a small cardboard box. The boy shivered and shook his head. The curly haired boy didn't like to trust anyone since his father left and his mother kicked him out. But he kind of thought it was the best decision. It was either him or his siblings. And his siblings were still babies at the time. He couldn't fathom why she had to make that decision but he knew money had something to do with it. His mother worked all day and sometimes all night just to make ends meet, to pay the bills. And he had heard that CPS was coming soon. And the only way that would happen was if someone called them and let them know about the Irwin family situation. And he knew exactly who that was... It must have been that girl next door. She never liked him. Especially when Ashton turned her down when she asked him to the dance. It was a girl's choice dance. Ashton never liked those... But he never really liked "dances" anyways. He didn't like socializing. But anyways, here he was out here in a cardboard box, snow on the ground below and around the box. "Cmon at least let me get your name." Luke frowned. "I-Its... Ashton." He thought about lying but changed his mind. He figured everyone knew about Mr.Irwin, he was ashamed. He figured it was his fault. There were no problems with his mum's relationship with his father until she got pregnant with Ashton. Was he kidding himself? He knew it was his fault. His father let him know that every chance he got before his father left one day. 

"Ash? Ash!" Luke said trying to snap the curly haired boy out of whatever trance he was in. "Y-Yeah?" The bronze haired boy shivered. "Let me at least take you inside and I'll get you warmed up and I'll cook you some food." Luke looked at the other boy. The other boy opened his mouth to refuse but then his stomach made an awful growling sound and the blond haired boy knew he was hungry. "Ok fine. But only for a few minutes." Ashton sighed, accepting the offer. 

The blond haired boy smiled and took Ashton's hand, helping the other boy out of the box. Luke was already wearing two jackets when Ashton was shivering terribly once Luke got Ashton out of the box so Luke unzipped one of his jackets and wrapped it around the shivering boy. Ashton smiled weakly and Luke kept holding his hand, returning the smile and leading him into their house. The reason they had a dumpster out back was Luke's mother owned and ran a restaurant which was the front part of the building but the back part of the building was their home. Jack and Ben shot up from their places on the couch and looked over at Luke and the other boy, raising their eyebrows though Jack was the first to speak "Who's that?" "His name is Ashton. You guys keep him company while I warm up some blankets and cook some food for him." Luke said, rushed while he went into the kitchen. 

Ashton bit his lip and slowly walked over to the two boys. They looked kind of like Luke but Luke was gorgeous, Ashton thought to himself then he scolded himself for starting to get attached to the one person who took him in off the streets. He slowly sat down near the two boys and they chuckled. Ben wrapped his arm around Ashton, pulling the bronze haired boy closer which made Ashton very nervous, he didn't really talk to people. "So where are you from?" Jack asked before Ben had the chance to. "H-Here." He mumbled "Th-This s-city I-I mean." Ashton stuttered. It wasn't very warm in the house, the air conditioning was hooked up with the restaurant's air conditioning. It was a natural trick for restaurant owners to turn the air conditioning to freezing so that the customers would get what they wanted and leave. And Liz, Luke's mum, did the exact same. It was a good trick. It was a family business but today was sunday. The restaurant was closed on Sunday so the boys were allowed to lounge around and do whatever they wanted really unless they hadn't finished their chores. But if Luke had already finished his chores, would he have met Ashton? Probably not. Luke was angry when he went outside and wasn't watching where he was going so that's one reason why he tripped over the box but at least Ashton was saved from freezing to death. 

Soon, Luke brought out a warm blanket and wrapped it around the bronze colored haired boy "Be right back. I hope my brothers aren't interrogating you too much." Luke laughed, returning to the oven. Luke's brothers didn't ask Ashton any really personal questions just like his favorite food, and color. 

Luke soon returned with a tv dinner complete with chicken nuggets and fries and a packet of ketchup from the restaurant that Liz owned. They had a lot of extra supplies so they just kept them in the kitchen.  

Luke gave Ashton the hot chocolate and tv dinner but had him sit at the table, though Luke sat down next to him. He was very interested in this boy he'd found next to the dumpster but he frowned as he remembered what the other boy said, for only a few minutes. He was sure he could change the other boy's mind. Maybe he'd get to know him better. "So what high school do you go to?" Luke asked trying to make conversation. "Um Sydney high school." He said after a couple of minutes, making sure he wasn't chewing while he was talking. (I know there are alot but I didn't know which one was public high schools) He had manners at least. There was a lot more though that Luke wanted to find out but he just hoped he could change Ashton's mind into staying for a few days or weeks, Luke hoped maybe months but he was starting to kind of like this boy. He knew it was wrong but he thought if it was wrong, he never wanted to be right.

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