Chapter 10

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Kaylynns POV

I walked up next to Frankie. The sight before me broke my heart. He cares for her like she's his own daughter. Knowing that her being injured hurts him hurts me. "How are you feeling kiddo?" I asked.

"My hands and face hurt" she said as Frankie walked Into the hallway to talk to his dad.

"Do you want me to get you anything?" I questioned. This three year old is being strong right now.

"I want Frankie and daddy to come back in here" she replied "and I want some chocolate milk and goldfish. Please."

"I'll see what I can do cutie. I'll be right back." I walked out to where they were. "Hey guys sorry to innerupt, but she wants you two. I'm getting her chocolate milk and goldfish from the cafeteria.

Frankies POV
"Okay can you grab me some too please" I asked as she walked away.

"What's wrong Lilly bug" I asked as we walked in to her room.

"Nothing" she said "I just didn't want to be alone and I missed you."

"Lilly" my dad said as he sat in the chair "I got a gift for you. It'll be here real soon."

"What is it? what is it? What is it?" Lilly squealed as she jumped up and down in her spot on the bed.

"I can't tell you." He replied with a smirk. Right on cue my dads right hand man walked in with a little pink puppy bag.

"A puppy!" Lilly squealed as Kaylynn walked in.

"Here you two go." As she passed us the goldfish and chocolate milk.

"Yay" Lilly squealed as the doctor walked in.

"Mr. Martinelli, Lilly has been cleared to go home after you sign the release forms".

"Home?" Lilly squealed "I get to go home?"

"Yeah" I replied as I ate my goldfish and drank my chocolate milk "were gonna home and watch a movie."

"Frozen" Lilly squealed louder than before.

"I agree with Lilly! FROZEN!!" Kaylynn yelled.

"I say we watch Napoleon dynamite" Tyler said as he walked in.

"Tyler" Lilly squealed "daddy got me a puppy!"

"That's great one more thing for me and Frankie to take care of" Tyler said jokingly.

Just then Tyler phone started ringing. Because you know I'm all about that bass.

"That's a business call Frankie we gotta go" Tyler said after he got off the phone.

"Okay" I replied giving Kaylynn and Lilly kisses "well meet you guys at home."

"Okay cya later babe." Kaylynn replied.

As we got to the warehouse I heard yelling and knew we had a fighter. "What's up with him?" I asked Jason one of my fathers most trusted men.

"He owes us $100,000 and he can't pay us back. It's been four years." he replied as I heard the man yell.

"Okay I'll take care of him" I said as I walked toward the source of the screaming.

"Where is my money" I boomed as I walked into the room shocking the man in the chair to silence.

"I don't have it" he replied shakily.

"Do you have a family?" I asked.

"Y-yes" he replied "but please don't hurt them."

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