it happens

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•NO WHAT THE HELL EGBERT?!?!, YOU CANT FUCKING SEE MY TENTACLE!!!• - wow im sorry i just... wanted to know what it looked like- i sighed i really wanted to see it, karkat was being a stubborn bitch... - please? - • fuck you no • i grabbed karkat and threw him on the couch


john threw me on the couch i dot know why he was doing this.... but an obvious bulge started to grow in my pants... - well SOMEONES a little excited!- •SHUT UP FUCKASS• he started to nibble on my collar bone and i let out a small moan, i shut my mouth quickly hoping he didnt hear - oh someone likes this huh karkat? - • sh-shut up egbert•


i had always dreamed of this and now i was doing it. karkat wont admit that he likes it though. so i started to palm karkats erection •mmmmph• he moaned into me, gotcha. our lips smashed together, i karkat rubbed his tounge along my bottom lip, i took the invitiation and opened my mouth. our tounges fought for dominance as i started to squeeze and palm karkats erection. •mmmmmmmph ugh j-j-john• i broke the kiss, the only thing atatching our lips was a long string of saliva. -now can i see your tentacle karkat?- he looked at me with pure lust in his eyes •yes• i pulled down his jeans and boxers only to see a red, wriggling tentacle. - wow you... do have a... tentacle - i stared at it motionless, then i licked it karkat shuttered • JOHN WHAT THE HELL • -oh shut up karkat you KNOW you want this- i kept licking and karkat moaned continuously, i stood back up and kissed karkat.

TO BE CONTINUED wow i know this is a really bad place to stop but i needa think n stuff oh and THANK YOU i woke up this morning and i already had THREE READS thank you guys and leave comments and reviews its all apriciated

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