Chapter Sixteen

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Holliday had been sitting in the car that she paid to give her a ride for about ten minutes and she still couldn't get out. Even though he hadn't said a word, she could tell that the driver was annoyed by the expression on his face. With only the cash provided by Wanda, she was barely able to afford this opportunity but she couldn't bring herself to open the door. Holliday stared out into the cemetery and wish she could visit her grandma but her hand just wouldn't open the handle. She finally heard the driver clear his throat in agitation but she could only give a weak smile. Holliday needed to feel close to her grandma again even though she still wasn't fully ready to say goodbye. It just seemed wrong to have that moment in Natasha's body. Holliday was completely lost in her thoughts when she heard the driver speaking to her.

"Listen... I know these situations can be hard but I can't be sitting here all day. Are you getting out or do you want me to take you somewhere else?" The driver asked.

Holliday thought for a short second and knew where she had to be.

"Take me to Huey Hospital please," she responded.

With that, the driver proceeded to drive to the hospital. Holliday wasn't even thinking about the fact that she had snuck out of the house while Wanda was there. All she could think about is how she felt like a fraud. She also felt like a bitch for not going to see her grandma but she just couldn't go in her current state. It was moments like these that she wished that she had spent more time with her grandma instead of focusing only on herself. For that, she felt guilty and also felt as if she would never forgive herself. Luckily, she finished her cigarette as they pulled up to the hospital. She paid the driver and exited the car.

As Holliday approached the hospital  room, her nerves immediately got the best of her so she turned around and headed back outside. While smoking another cigarette and trying to figure out what to do, she saw her dad and Mendall entering the hospital. Her dad was carrying a beautiful but big flower arrangement and Mendall had two bags. Curiously, Holliday waited a few moments before proceeding to the room that housed her body. The door was closed but her dad was waiting outside near the room. Holliday wasn't sure if she should speak but that choice wasn't hers to make when her dad made eye contact. His face lit up and he made his way over to her.

"It's Natasha, right?" He excitedly asked while extending his hand.

"Umm... Yes sir," Holliday responded while shaking his hand in return.

It felt weird to be touching her dad especially when all she wanted to do was hug him instead. He looked stressed with bags under his eyes and Holliday prayed that she wasn't the reason.

"Are you here to see Holliday? I'm her father and my fiance is getting her dressed so give her a few minutes."

"Yes, I am. I'm just getting back from out of town and I wanted to visit her."

Holliday wanted to know more information so she decided to use her current situation as Natasha to her advance. "I'm sure Holliday's mom really appreciates the help. I knew how close they were."

"Holliday's mother isn't active in her care. Me and Mendall visit almost daily to care for Holliday hoping that our familiar voices will wake her up," Richard replied sadly.

Surprisingly, Holliday didn't feel some type of way when he mentioned Mendall but then she remembered something else.

"I remember Holliday telling me that you worked out of the country a lot... Are you still doing that?"

"I did but I only work from home now. My daughter's health is more important."

Holliday almost shed a tear to hear how much her dad cared for her. Before she could respond, the door opened and Mendall came out. Richard introduced them and Mendall greeted her.

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