Nonsense World

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Once upon a night of spring

When the blue bird and swallows sing

When the moon peaked his head

When the sun was getting ready to go to bed.

As the world grew dark and the stars grew brights.

My mind began to wander on that spring night.

I though to myself a poppycock thought

That rethink now some may have bought.

Of a world where sense was irrelevant

And laws of rhyme and reason were bent

a world where ice grew hot and fire grew cold

Where the Enders were young and the youth was old

Where the seas and rivers ran dry And the deserts were drowned

Where gravity was nothing and the sky was the ground

A world without laws, oh wouldn't that be neat

Where vegetables has legs and the from the ground grew meat

There death mean a beginning and live mean an end

Were mates were enemies and enemies were friends.

A world where the enjoyment of the same was not met with hate

A place where people cared before it was too late

Where one equaled one instead of one being more

Nonsense you thing, well elaboration would be a bore

A world were green was just a beautiful as blue

And other didn't care of what others thought was true.

A place were the truth was heard and lies were silents

Oh now wouldn't a world like that be a godsent.

So as the blue birds and swallows sing

On that night of spring

As the sun was getting ready to go to bed

As the moon peaked his head

I thought of my mind wandering the night

As the earth grew dark and the stars grew bright

I thought of that poppycock thought

Which now I know some would have bought

And a ?Melancholy feeling I began to feel

Because I knew my nonsense world could never be real.

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