VIII. Head Over Heels

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PG-13 Intended Content. Read only if above 16 or you're mature enough to handle a small sexual scene . It doesn't contain any overly explicit content but if you don't understand, don't ask your parents, you'll embaress them and yourself.
True Story...

Adrian's POV

Ugh...that girl. Where does she live and who is she? She's neither a courtier nor is she known by the town's people.

Again i was thinking about her. It had been two days since then. Her bright hazel eyes. The feel of her soft skin under my fleeting touches. The way her eyes crinkled when she laughed. Oh, her oh so glorious voice, as smooth as silk. Not a single imperfection. Utterly beautiful.

I looked down and sighed. The number of documents on my desk never seemed to cease. The countless treaties and revenue installments just kept piling higher and higher.

Stop thinking about her and concentrate. You don't even know her yet.......her body....Great again!

I picked up the document right on top of the pile. Another excessively worded document asking for land lease. I moved it to another pile of useless documents.

Let the old man do that one. Who asked Father to drink himself to sleep. Now he won't rouse from his stupor and its already mid-day.

I picked up another one.

Why do i have to do all the work? What about that good for nothing brother of mine. Mother makes him manage all the field work. He gets to interact with the villagers but why does he get to have all the fun.

It was a marriage proposal from one of the nearby kingdom's, offering their eldest daughter Rosaline to be wed to one of the Lorensworth Princes either me or Daniel and inturn the two Kingdoms could be united to form a stronger nation, resulting in open trades between the two.

Ha, as if i am going to wed anytime soon. Not in a hundred years. And absolutely not when my eyes have been set upon a rather beautiful woman.

Again for the hundredth time today. Everthing includes that woman.

I have to find her quickly or i'll go mad.

"Celia, call for the Minister Darius. And tell him the prince wishes to speak with him urgently. " i said.

"Yes, Your Highness. Is there anything else i can do for you?" said the maid.

"No. You are dismissed." I said, with a flick of my hand.

She bowed and stepped out of the door. I sighed and went back to reading the documents.

A few minutes later, while i was reading the intricacies of the new revenue tariff, there was a hesitant knock on the door. I looked up from the documents trying to recall who i sent for, but my head was jumbled with numbers.

"Enter" I commanded. Through the door popped the near balding head of my Father's trusted and loyal confidant and step-brother.

"Yes, Your Highness. You summoned me," he said bowing.

"Yes, you see Uncle i have met this girl..."

"Oh, are we to hear any wedding bells soon. Your mother would be delighted with the news." he said interupting me.

"Uncle Darius, calm down. I have just met her. But the problem, you see is, that she is neither a courtier nor has she been seen in the palace grounds. I cannot seem to locate her whereabouts." I said waiting for the information to sink in.

"Oh, i seem to understand now, Sire. She is a maid living in the squalor. It would be difficult to find her. But, Your Highness, such affiliations are looked down upon. Your mother would never consent." he said with a horrified look on his face.

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