VI. Troubles and Tribulations

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King Arachneal's POV

"That girl will never learn. Always running off without consent. What is it that i haven't given her!" grumbled Arachneal.

"Freedom, Your Highness." said the faerie, appearing from the shadows. It flitted across the room and came to sit on the King's shoulder, its small wings glistening in the light of the room.

Arachneal went to sit back down on his armchair, when two small hands were seen over the side of the armrest. Pulling himself up and landing on the armchair with a huff, stood a shaggy looking brownie. Lifting his small hat over his hidden eyes he said, " I agree with Firnènil, Sire. The girl has an untamed heart. She will always be one with nature and one of nature. How do you expect her to have a change of heart when it is her natural instinct, Sire?"

"I know, Räulef. But it not that i want to change her heart, i want her to remain safe. She takes too many risks. She doesn't understand that she is much more fragile, " said the King sighing.

"Speaking of which some of my fellow fae kin followed her, when they saw her leave the house. She went to Múnsöl Lake, to bathe. But this time, aparently there was a man and his horse. The man was spying on her and some pixies placed a twig in his path to alert her of the man's presence. It did alert her, but one thing lead to another and finally resulted in her him saving her from a fall into the lake. The pixies even tried to frighten the horse but instead of frightening the man, the horse attacked Evangeline, which lead to her fall into the lake. That man was in actuality Prince Adrian, the one she ran away from." said Firnènil, her blue lithe body jumping down from the king's shoulder and pacing on the table top.

The King's eyes snapped open. He looked at the faerie, accessing the truth of the matter and said, "She didn't even tell me. Are you sure it was the Prince?"

"From what the fellow fae say i believe so, Sire. He had blue eyes and golden hair, know...umm....Her, Sire. Like his mother's. Same eyes and hair. Like Lady Sateur" said the faerie.

"Time surely flies fast. Twenty one years, in the blink of an eye. And do you think Sateur knows about this?" he asked the faerie.

"No, I do not think so. But what may be troublesome is that the boy may be infatuated by Evangeline and may try to look for her. And as he has some of Lady Sateur's blood, the barrier will not oppose him. He will be able to enter your protected domain." said Firnènil.

"And he may ask for her hand in marriage or may introduce her as a courtier in the palace. " said King Arachneal solemnly.

"But, Sire shouldn't it be her choice? She loved him before. If she chooses to leave, then we cannot stop her. And the price has been paid. She stayed with you for five years. Her nineteenth birthday will fall in a weeks time during the waxing moon. She is free to do as she pleases after that." said Räulef, who had been listening quietly for a while.

"Regretfully, that is true. I think of her as my own daughter. But what is more troubling is the fact that the time of the curse is close at hand. A month is left. I managed to prolong my son's life for twenty one years but now his demise is soon. And we still do not know much about the Raven."

"Sire, some of the brownies deep in the woods, speak of a creature of old. It was the one of the founders of magic and as old as the Raven. It knows of magic unknown to our modern kind. The creation magic and how evil arose from it. But it seems it is hard to find, for it is no longer in this plane of existence. We need powerful divination magic to locate it." said Räulef.

"Divination magic, has been banned for centuries now and is illegal. Only some factions of the dark guild practice such magic. For it to work on such a large scale we would need the power of all the members of the royal blood line of light and dark arts."

"And sadly the only dark arts royal is Lady Sateur and she is posessed by the Dark Sire. If we need this plan to work we will have to separate the Dark Sire from her. I need you to find out more on human vessels and divination." said Arachneal, signing resignately.

"Yes, Sire. We will try." said both the mythical creatures, bowing to the white king and left the room through the window, heading towards the woods.

Getting up the king blew out three lanterns and picked up the last one and walked to the potrait of him and the love of his life. He watched it flicker to life and saw the captured moment.

He remembered the day so clearly. So vividly. The love they shared, the joy they shared and the heart breaking betrayal the next day.

He touched the potrait and whispered, "Satuer, i will come for you. Just hold on a little longer. Fight the darkness with all your strenght. I will protect our son."

He turned his head and blew out the last lanturn. He made his way to his bed and lay down drifting to sleep after the day's excrusions.

He dreamt of broken hearts, shattered pieces, princes and lastly Evangeline.

He heard a faint voice, before his subconcious faded to darkness.

She is the key. She is his courage. The wheels of fate turn. Her time has come. She has an important role to play.


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