Natasha wasn't much of a drinker so when she did do it the shit works on her kind of quick. It's actually kind of funny. She doesn't drink but the girl out smokes me. She's a pot head for real.

After dancing through a couple of songs I needed another drink so I tapped Tasha and told her I was going to the bar. I walked over to the bar and took a seat on one of the stools.

"What you need baby girl?" The nigga behind the bar said.

"Double shot of patron and a long island iced tea." I said before bopping my head to the music.

"I got you. You here by yourself?" He asked while making my drink.

"Nope here with my friend." I pointed to Tasha and he nodded.

"That's cool but I meant where your man at?" He bit his lip and put my drink on the bar. I chuckled throwing my shot back.

"Is that your slick way of asking me if I have one?"

"Obviously not that slick but yeah."

"I don't have one."

"Oh really? Why how about you let me have your number." He said with a smirk on his face. Before I could open my mouth somebody cut me off.

"Nah you good on that." I turned my head and raised my eyebrow.

"My bad Breezy. She with you?" The guy behind the bar asked him. Once again when I was about to say something this nigga cut me off.

"Yeah so go about your business." He said and ole boy nodded and walked off.

"Excuse you." I said to him turning my stool around.

Once I got a good look at his face my breathing paused a little bit. He was fine as hell. Tall, light skin, nice full lips. But then again we were in a club so this nigga might look different in natural light so I wasn't distracted that much.

"You're excused ma." He chuckled looking me over.

"Thank you for cock blocking me."

"How did I clock block you?"

"Hmm let me think? You told the nigga I was with you and I don't even know your ass."

"So what. Besides he's obviously a punk. You like that type of nigga?"

"That's not the point. The point is I don't know your ass. Don't go telling people I'm with you." I grabbed my drink off the bar and got up. Before I could walk away I felt him grab my arm.

"You got a smart ass mouth. You might want to watch who you talking to." He said in my ear.

"Listen wind. I know who I'm talking to. I speaking to you. So let my arm go and don't touch me. I'm pretty sure you know I'm not scared of your ass." I snatched away from him and he smirked.

"I saw you earlier. You got some hands on you but baby girl I'm not the one you want to have an issue with."

"You need to take your own advice. I'm not the one either. Good bye oxygen."


"Same thing. Deuces." I chuckled and walked away. That nigga is something else.


I watched as Breezy came back over to where I was shaking my head. I saw him talking to that girl from earlier. I keep telling this nigga to stay away from these high school girls but of course he don't want to listen to me.

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