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It was a quiet morning in the halls of Erebor. The weather was unusually windy and warm. Prince Thorin and Princess Sonja were sparring. The young got her sister on the ground. They both let out joyous laughs. "You have gotten better Sonja"A grumpling voice said from behind them. There stood their bestfriend. Dwalin son of Fundin. Sonja blushed and looked down. Thorin saw that and his eyes turned sharp. Sonja and Thorin were really close. Always attached on each others side. While Dis was never with them and sometimes Frerin. Sonja was different. She feared to be alone. Some people bullied her because she was beardless and more petite. But the height was in blood. In all she was a beaty. With dark chocolate hair and eyes. Even though she was tall for a dwarrowdam she only reached her brothers and bestfriends shoulders. "Thank you Dwalin"she said softly. "Thorin they need you to my brother"Dwalin said to him. "Okay. Farewell sister, Dwalin"the young Prince said kissing his sisters brow. "You still spar everyday?"Dwalin asked with raised eyebrows. "Yeah. It's a habit. And you know I hate to sit still"she smiled. "I know. But you have changed alot"he sighed. She raised her eyebrows at him. "Not far ago you were quiet and always reading. Now you are trained warrior and easily the most beautiful dwarrowdam in Erebor"he said. Then he understood what he said. "I-I mea"she cut him of placing her hand over his mouth. "I understand"her brown eyes looking in his green-blue ones. "Let's go for a walk"she smiled pulling him by his hand.
Their walk was quite long. Finally they were in the most high and most big balcony in Erebor. It was already night. You could see outside from there. Neather of them had a problem to find something to talk about or be quiet. Their silences were always comfortable. "It's beautiful"Sonja whispered looking at the stars. "I know something that is far more beautiful"Dwalin sighed looking Sonja the whole time. Slowly he came and wrapped his arms around her. Sonja relaxed in them. "Think once we are older all the memories we will have"she said. He let a small smile on his face to saying:"Once we are again Together under the stars"

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