Chapter Twenty Eight

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I could already see Tumblr exploding with blurps and fan art. We hadn't even really made it official yet, but the internet wasn't going to believe that. I could actually feel my phone already buzzing non-stop. I glanced over at Gwen to see her already scrolling through her phone, her cheeks a bright red. I couldn't miss the opputunity to embarrass her. I just hoped my awkwardness wouldn't get in the way. I looked at the camera and winked before turning to Gwen.

"Hey, Gwendolyn." She looked up from her phone at me inquisitively. I took that moment to pull her towards me and press my lips against hers. She stood there frozen for a minute before letting herself melt against me. I heard Phil laugh awkwardly.

"Get a room you two!" he said. Gwen pulled away slightly and started to pull away, but then suddenly pecked me on the lips. Then, she stepped out of the shot, her expression dazed like she had just woken up. Phil looked at me expectantly.

"What?" He gave me this look that only your best friend gives you when they want "juicy details". I rolled my eyes. "Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend?"

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