The day of doom

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One day Light was sitting around at school murdering peeps.

Then he looked out of the window for drama and saw a hyperactive Misa.

Misa was freaking out and doing backflips because its been five minutes since shes seen Light.

Light just rolled his eyes and played with the thought to kill himself.

Then it started raining death notes.

But in the human world can just exist six death notes so the other ones are useless.

Mr Random started testing all the death notes to find a real one.

He didn't knew that Creepy and Cat already got them all.

So he was out there for 20 hours.

Then a Mermaid came and visited the both C's and she gave them magical cloud whale powers.

Translation: They got fat and they flew.

Cat and Creepy flew to space and killed all the people who hate cats and the homophobic Idiots.

The world turned into a beautiful place and everyone was happy.

Then the world explodet and everyone was dead.

Except from Creepy and Cat cause they where still in space and they where happy and eating everything.

The end.

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