It took a little while to pack all my stuff, as there was so much of it. Everything was bundled into suitcases and into overfilled boxes. I looked around my room after finishing. It looked so weird. All the surfaces were empty, and all the posters had been taken off the walls.

My eyes started to sting at the sight of it. It reminded me of the time I packed up all my things to move to the children's home back in Devon. My eyes spilled out and I hiccuped lightly and left, closing the door behind me.

I entered Zoe's room and saw her pale face resting on tear stained pillows. Leaning in, I pecked her on the cheek.

I wasn't sure what was happening, all Zoe said that I was going to live with Joe and Caspar for a little while. I wasn't sure how long a little while was though. Did she mean a little while as in a week or a little while as in a month?

I had no clue.

Closing the door, I sobbed a little more. I kept crying, back leant on Zoe's door, my head in my hand. I only stopped when I heard a car horn from outside.

I opened the front door to reveal Joe, standing with a serious look on his face. He stared at me for a few seconds, examining my face. I looked back, before suddenly bursting into more tears.

"It'll all be okay." Joe pulled me into a hug at the doorstep.

I cried into his chest, shaking and sniffing. At last, I took a deep breath and stood back.

"Sorry." I mumbled.

Joe looked at me a bit more and gave me another hug. Considering the videos he makes, he is such a caring person. (A/n: I'm not saying anything bad about Joe's videos, it's just he's quite loud and boisterous in them!)

We both wandered up the stairs to collect my suitcases and boxes. Joe went in to see Zoe while I packed up the car.

As soon as Joe's boot was full, I went upstairs to see Zoe once more.

She was awake, staring into space again. "Zoe?" I gently shake her.

"Are you going now?" Her eyes looked empty still, dull with no spark. I hadn't seen that spark in ages.

I nodded my head. "Can you do one thing for me please?" She asks me quietly, a single tear streaming down her face.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Can you please make a video explaining everything? Why I'm not on the Internet anymore." She sighs.

"Of course." I whisper. "What about the person making comments?"

"That's another problem for another day." Zoe says.

"Okay." I feel more tears welling up. I've cried so much today!

"Don't cry." Zoe whispers, silent tears of her own sliding down her face. She completely ignored them as they fell onto her lap.

"What's going to happen though?" I sniff.

"I don't know." Zoe sits up slowly. "I really don't know."

"But will I come back? Will you take care of me again one day?" I start crying much more heavily.

"Peppa, I love you so much. One day we can be a family again." Zoe wipes her eyes.

"When's one day?" I look away sadly.

"Peppa, do you want to make me happy?" Zoe ignored my question.

"Of course!" I look back.

"Then by living with Joe and being as happy as you possibly can will do that." Zoe takes my hand in hers. They were cold and dry. Not like Zoe at all.

"Okay." I nod.

"We'll be together again soon." Zoe lays back down, still looking at me.

"Promise?" I squeeze Zoe's hand.

"Promise." Zoe states.

I give her one final hug before reluctantly leaving her room.

I stepped downstairs and Joe was there, checking his phone.

"Ready?" He smiles.

"I think so." I sigh, stepping outside after Joe.

I turn around and look down the empty hallway. I'm going to miss it here.

All the amazing times I've had with Zoe and Alfie. My idols turned into my parents and now I hardly know them anymore. Two completely different people. Alfie doesn't make videos and I haven't seen him since he left. Zoe is very depressed, not doing anything all day.

I shut the door, leaving all the memories inside to slowly evaporate. I don't know when I'm returning here again.

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