Rinessa (Riker+Vanessa)

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Here is the requested oneshot from @Shortkatkat1122 I am sorry I havent wrote it sooner but I hope you like it. 

Riker POV

My brother Ross wants me to meet his costar Laura and her sister today. I think her name was Veronics or something like that. I dont really want them  bothto come over but I think its very important to Ross that I behave and dress nice

Vanessa POV

My little sister Laura wants me to meet her costar and his brother today. I dont really want to go but also I cant say no to my little isi and her adorable puppy eyes and pouty lips. 

"Do you seriously wanna go like this?" She asked me. Laura is going down the stairs. She is wearing a black skirt and a black cropt top with a white shirt on top. Her hair was curled and she put on heels and make up. She really looked pretty. I was just dressed in an oversize sweater and some pants. 

"Yeah why not? We arent going to have a interview or walk down the red carpet or sthm. similar" "NO but he is MY costar" Laura audiotned for Austin and Ally a few weeks ago and she got the job. She has met Ross already but only on set and she still is kinda nervous. My sister always wants everyone to like her and she hopes he does too.

"Okay. What do you want me to wear?" "Just something nicer" I put on a black dress. "Thanks for coming with me. You look beautiful" "You look beautiful yourself. Dont worry , Ross and his family will like you" WE shared a little hug before driving to the Lynches.

Riker POV

Laura is really beautiful. Ross immendiantly took her hand and led her upstairs. Well that much to getting to know with his costar. 

Well then it was probaly just me and her siter left. Where is she anyway? Ah there she is- She is very pretty. She has brown hair , is wearing a tight dark dress and has cute brown eyes. She looks like a younger version of Laura.

I think I stared long time at her because she coughed akward after a while. "oh I am sorry. I am Riker , Ross older brother. You must be Veronica" "NO my name is Vanessa. But nice to meet you" Opps. Talk about akward. "Wanna come in?" "Sure"

Vanessa POV

This boy is really nice. He is not only good looking but very cool too.We had much fun the last two hours. We were just talking.

Well until he kissed me. I dont really know why but he just pressed his soft lips on mine and I can assume you the feeling I got was huge. Butterflies in my stomach . Incredible. I kissed other boys before but it never felt this good. Never ever.

Then Riker spoke up. "I know I just met you but you are so pretty and so cool and you seem pefect...d you wanna go out sometime? And be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, I'd love that" I said trying to sound calm but I was freaking out in the inside.

"See I told you" I heard Laura said. "Okay you were right Laurie.They are so in love" Ross agreed. Then it hit me. It was just a plan. They only wanted us to get together.

But I am not mad because thanks to them I found love.


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