Dark pasts

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Anna raised her finger. “We will work on both cases at the same time. You, Josh, take Mike, Carol and Josh and interact with the Greek Riot Police and send a picture of her.” said chief and I agreed even though the chances of actually getting the cop that wacked G where one in a million. I walked out of the room and headed to the offices. I looked at the board with the phone numbers and took the one of the Greek police.

«ΕλληνικήΑστυνομίαπαρακαλώ.» said a woman’s voice in the speaker and I scratched my chin. “I am calling from the HQ of New York. We would like to know some information about the riots in 2008.” I said and I heard the speaker getting slammed on a table and lots of voices. “Hello?” said a voice masculine this time -with a very bad accent- and I took a notepad from my desk. “Hello Mr. Soulis. My name is Josh Froe and I am calling from the New York deputy. I believe you could help us with some information we need. But this can’t be told through phone.” I said and I heard an ‘AH’. “Then what are you suggesting, Mr. Froe?” he asked and I tapped my pen on the table. “First of all I need you to get me your Riot police men and ask who participated against the hoodie-wearing rebels back in 2008 on the 10 of December in Exarhia.” I said and he remained silent for a minute. He knew. “Sir?” I asked. “Yes, I heard you. Alright, I already have their names. Would a video chat be suitable?” he asked and that wasn’t a bad idea. “Excellent, call this number.” I said and he agreed and goodbyed me.

I walked back to the room with the projector and gathered my team: Mike, Carol and Josh. “We have the first clue that she was beated up personally by someone.” Said Carol typing something in her iPad. “Right. We need her to be present though right?” asked Josh and I nodded. “Mike is getting her from the hotel. We will have an all-nighter tonight, coffee is on you.” I said and sipped down the last gulp of the first coffee I had. Josh nodded and opened his notebook and I accepted the video chat request. “Hello gentlemen.” Said Carol and a couple of men tall and buff waved hello. The image was very clear and I could see the characteristics of their faces. “We are sorry to bother you but we will need to get some information from you. Is that okay?” asked Mike and they agreed by raising their shoulders. “Back in 2008.” I said and some of them remained silent and others looked down with pure guilt. “The case of the asylum that everyone is getting obsessed with had another... loop.” Said Carmen and tapped something on the screen of her tablet.

“I can see this isn’t a pleasant conversation but we need your help. How many of you remember a girl getting assaulted?” asked Mike. “Well I am guessing you know how many such things like these occurred, any of her characteristics?” said one of them. “Blue eyes, about 13 years old probably with very dark eyeliner or kohl and a mouth gas mask?” I asked and took a picture of G from the table from yesterday when we found her and showed it on the camera.

“I remember her...” said one of them with messy hair and he didn’t look at the camera for a second. “She kept throwing rocks directly at me and showing me her middle finger, calling me a motherfucker right on my face. Not forgetting she threw me a molotov from three metres away and burned my leg. It was definitely her, I never forget a face.” He said and looked back at a very old piece of paper.

“Well this is from the hospital, they are addressing to me that I broke a 13 year old girl’s rib and cheekbone. The right rib wasn’t it?” he said again and showed us the paper. It was blurry but I could see the sign of the hospital and a sign. “Can you scan and email this to us?” said Mike in excitement. He nodded and walked off. 

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