I Love You Too

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My eyes begin to peel open, and the ceiling of my bedroom overtakes my vision. "How'd I get in here?" I sit up, remembering that Gogo and Hiro are in their sleeping bags on either side of me. Neither of them are awake, which is stange because Gogo usually wakes up early... What time is it? My heavy eyes look around the room, where's my clock? I know that I have one. It's right next to my bed on my dresser. 4 a.m. "Ugh..." I flop back down into my bed, with Hiro on the floor at the foot and Gogo laying parallel to the long side of my mattress.

There is no hope for my getting back to sleep, so I decide to let my eyes come in and out of focus. Now is the fun part, I get to choose what to stare at, my door looks pretty appealing.

"Oh my gosh!" I scream, Tadashi jumps up and runs over to me, careful not to step on Gogo. He puts a hand on my shoulder and uses the other to put a finger to his mouth to shush me.

"Calm down." He whispers.

"What are you doing sitting by my door?! Do you know what my mom would do if she came walking in here and saw you?!" I demand in a hushed tone.

"She won't... Well, so long as you don't scream like that again." He tries to give off a serious expression by setting his eyebrows, but his eyes tell me too much, and he smiles.

"You're in my room... I'm in my room, we're both in my room." He nods - I know, I know, I sound insane right now. "How did I - we - get here?" The last thing that I remember was falling alseep in his arms up in the attic. I am so consumed in confusion right now.

"I carried you, why?" He... Carried me, all of the way down the ladder, down the hall, and into my bed. Strong emotionally and physically, wow. "What?"

"How long ago?" I sit up further and he takes his hand off of my shoulder, leaving his heat behind, tickling my upper arm.

"About an hour or so ago." We both glance down at Gogo as she grumbles and turns over onto her back to squeeze her eyes open at us. "Would the happy couple like to keep it down? Believe it or not, some people actually sleep at night." She zips her bag around her head and flips onto her stomach, leaving one arm limply lying outside of her bag. Tadashi chuckles and I have to clasp my hands over my mouth to refrain from laughing too loud. "Oh you've got to be kidding me! I just got to sleep like ten minutes ago!" Her voice is muffled by the sleeping bag and by the sounds of it the side of her face is squished against her pillow.

"Why?" I ask, Tadashi blushes. Gogo's hand points up at him.

"We talked for a while." He smiles, attempting to hide something. Hiro's voice sneaks up from behind the bed on the floor, it sounds like he has his hands cupped over his mouth.

"A really long while." I giggle at their irrotated voices.

"Is everything okay?" I try and whisper. Gogo sits up straight and flaps the bag off of the upper half of her body.

"Yes!" She huffs, exasperated. "Okay, everything is fine. We'll make sure that you get all caught up when it's not FOUR IN THE MORNING!" I think that is a good idea, and by the sounds of it, so does she. Gogo throws her hands in the air and breathes "thank you!" up at the sky. She yanks her blanket back over her messy bedhead and goes silent, slipping into the arms of sleep once more.

"I guess that you'll have to wait." Tadashi shrugs and heads toward the door, I see that he is heading out of the room.

"Hey... You could still wait in here, if-if you want." I throw my legs out of bed and gather up some pillows and blankets. He smiles and holds out his arms to take them. "How long has it been since you've been on a real mattress?"

"Not long enough for you to give up yours. I'm fine, Honey." I can't tell if he said "Honey" as in my nickname, or "Honey" as in the pet name that couples give eachother. It doesn't matter all that much, I mean... I think that I have all of my emotions straightened out now, I don't mind if he meant the couple pet name... I might actually prefer it. "Are you okay?" He maintains his steady whisper.

"Yeah, I was just... Lost in thought."

"Fair enough." He walks me back over to my bed and I just sit criss-cross on it, my hands folded in my lap, I lean my head up against the wall behind me. "Are you going back to sleep?"

"I don't think I can, I have too much to be thinking about." I shrug, it's not that big of a deal. I just... I want to know what I'm going to say, how I'm going to bring it up. He obviously thinks that us being together is worth the risk. Now that I think about it, when I first brought him here, he didn't even want to be near me because of the risk... I guess that he understood me the whole time. How could I blind myself like that?

"Same here." He turns around and flops some pillows out on the floor, making a bed out of them. He stays sitting up, his legs outstretched as he leans against the wall. I am left looking at him, he is left looking at the door. "What do you think she'd do if she found me? I mean, would she freak out because you've been hiding a boy in your house or because I'm not dead?"

I breathe readying my self to answer, but the words are stolen from me and the moment is handed to a very grumpy Gogo.

"Shut up!" I smile and lay down sideways, that was a great conversation stopper. But Tadashi and I don't stop talking, well, we don't speak, but we mouth and whisper words across the room, and make hand gestures and exaggerated facial expressions. This wordless conversation lasts until the sun rises at around six, and he picks up the pillows preparing to go back to the attic.

On the contrary of my notion that I wouldn't be able to sleep, the pillow feels suddenly much more inviting. I whisper "goodnight" as he puts the pillows and blankets away. Tadashi walks over to me and brushes my long bangs that came unraveled from my bun away from my eyes, and leans over me and kisses me softly on the forhead. I close my eyes until the last second when he dissapears out of the door.

When I am sure he's gone and that the others are asleep, I whisper to myself, pretending that Tadashi is next to me. "I love you, too."

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