Chapter 7

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(A/N sorry I haven't updated in a while... I've been with depression and that stuff but eh... Who cares about that lets just get on with the story I guess....)

Mike went to the security room while you stayed with Foxy. It was now 11:58 and the manager left. Foxy sat on his stool. And you sat on the floor and smiled at Foxy. It's now 12:01 and Mike immediately checked the cameras, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy was in their regular places.. He then checked Pirates Cove. While Mike was looking at Foxy, Bonnie went into the dining room. Mike put down the monitor and heard some voices from Pirates Cove. You and Foxy was talking to each other about random stuff. Mike put back up the monitor and saw Bonnie was in the West Hall. Mike slammed down the left door while he had 79% power. And it was only 12:30..

(Cliff hanger.....)

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