Chapter 4

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< Jean POV >

"C-can I kiss you?"
Silence. I'm it felt like hours before he moved to look at me and I looked at him. He didn't say anything which made me more nervous about the whole question. None the less I decided to break the awkward silence.
" sorry. I just thou-"
Boom! He kissed me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. The same ones I felt the day he held my hand or when ever he would speak to me.
I was only stiff for about three seconds before I melted into the kiss. Our lips moved in sync, I have blacked out the whole world for this. This amazing sensation, hold him, kissing him felt surreal. We both parted after what seemed like hours but was only minutes. Both gasping for much needed air as we pressed our foreheads together, intertwining our fingers together. There we sat on my bed holding hands, faces just inches apart. I had my eyes shut but I could tell he had a big toothy grin on his beautiful freckled face.
A loud moan was heard from downstairs pulling me back to reality that Eren and levi were down there. And they were alone. God only, let me rephrase that. God, Marco and I know what that meant. And like hell I was going to let this happen in my house while I'm here.
"Damn it! " I muttered before letting go of Marcos soft warm hands and getting up, running down stairs and coming to the living room where I presumed they were.
Nope. Not in there. Where could they be? I swiftly Ninja jumped over the coffee table after hearing a moan come from the kitchen.
"EREN, LEVI WHAT THE HELL DO YO-" I just wish I didn't come in on the horrible scene.
Quickly turning and not even trying to put an effort on staying to hear there explanation. I ran back to my room tripping along the way. I locked the door as fast I could and slid down the door. Marco looked at me in a shocked/wtf look.
" what's wrong" blushing a deep red of just freshly put memory in my brain, I told him.
"Th-they were on the kitchen table "
" eating presumably. What where they having. Left over meatloaf. A salad " I shook my head at it all and blushed a deeper red if it was possible.
" then what? Oh god no" I shook my head thinking he finally cached on. "Was it your moms lunch ?!?" God no, Marco it was anything but that.
"It wasn't a salad. But it had..... Meat......" Hoping he would at least get this hint. He thought for a while.
"AHA it was your moms meatballs !"
"It had balls..... "
"Jesus Christ, Jean just spit it out what where they eating. "
" it was just Levi.."
" ok then ! What was LEVI eating"
"Eren. "
He looked at me like I was crazy.
" Jean. How can Levi be ea-" finally getting my drift, he went blank. Both of us were in a state of shock, I had it bad for I was the one who saw the whole thing.
Marco walked up to me and kneeled in front of me so we were staring into each other's eyes, faces centimeters apart.
" J-Jean, I know this is a weird thing to ask. And it's fine if you don't want to answer me. But. Do you ever ...think of doing those kind of things.....?" He asked.
In a whisper I replied "yes" making it loud enough to where he can still hear the answer.
" do you ever dream about it?"
Replying with the same answer and in the same voice he sat next to me and put his head on my shoulder. I interlocked our fingers gently and softly.
" do you ever dream about doing those things " he shifted again.
My face got hot for embarrassment. I could lie and hurt him. But I could tell him everything. From the moment when I start the dreams. But would that be weird? He did ask me after all. I can't just say it tho. But. I can show him. After all, it was one of the most needed thing to do in life. Of course it's not always about the.... Well dick. But none the less I still had to answer him.
"Do you dream about it?" I asked still whispering but more passion rose in my voice. He shifted from my shoulder to look straight into my eyes.
And I knew, I knew he did. His look said it all, lust showing in his eyes as they looked straight into my soul. I did as any normal teenager would so and moved in closer and closer, to the point where our lips were millimeters apart.
We took silent breaths, as he closed his eyes I moved in. I placed my lips on his, it was so odd yet so right. Our lips were perfectly in place, it was like we were meant to be.
I pulled away after what seemed like a minute. His face was deep red, of embarrassment, I could tell even with that cute smile that hid everything.
I gently grabbed his hand and gave it a slight squeeze to reassure him it was fine.
We both gave a small smile, mine was probably ugly as hell. But his, oh god his smile was the most beautifulest thing on the planet. Oh, how I would give up everything just to be with him. Just to see that beautiful smile everyday when I fall to sleep and when I wake up. Oh how I wanted it to be mine forever and ever.
"Jean" he took me out of my daze.
"Can... We do that.. Again?" His smile turned into a lip bite. And jesus christ did it look sexy.
I shook my head yes. And just like that my lips were on his again.
I put my hand on his face and he slightly gasped. Taking that chance i, not aggressively, but I gently shoved my tongue into his mouth. Earning a slight moan from him. My pants got uncomfortably tighter by the minute, I moaned but why? I opened my eyes and saw Marcos hand on my member.

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