Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Despite how stupid it was, Paris was somewhat happy that she was back in Aiden's life, yes it was the scariest thing in the world, and the way she figured it, it was better dealing with the monster himself, then the forever worrying about what he was capable of. His next attack, or his next strike on her.

Paris did not want to caught unexpected, she was thinking it was just easier to deal with him than the constant fear of him.

She showered and once done stared at her reflection in the mirror. Aiden was right, pathetic...that about summed her up. Having nothing to wear, she walked out in only a towel around her body. Her face now completely clear of makeup.

He was already laying on the bed. Paris was trying so hard not to totally freak out. How she always ended up back with him she was clueless. "I need something to wear" she said trying to sound as assertive as possible, it did not come out like she hoped, it sort of came out like she was begging him.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "You need something of me?" she was so pissed how he could still mock her, scare her, humiliate and degrade was so pathetic. So instead of asking him for anything, she went and opened his drawers, pulled out a black tee shirt and wore it.

Paris noticed how Aiden eyed her out. She was not going to put up with it...if she could, she would take him on head to head...maybe, if she could just stop her heart from beating like it was running a marathon.

Getting in the bed beside him she lay on her side and faced him. Aiden raised and eyebrow at her. He still lay on his back. His head turned slightly to look into her eyes. His icy cold blue eyes boring into her own. It was like he had no feeling, no heart, no emotion whatsoever, and even knowing all this she was so in love with him that is scared the hell out of her.

"I missed you" she blurted out, as soon as the words left her mouth she regretted it and wanted to hit herself.

"Yeah?" he asked getting a dark look about him. "How much did you miss me?" she frowned, he would just mock her, just take it like another way to humiliate her with.

"Forget it" she whispered closing her eyes.

Falling asleep Paris had not slept better since Aiden had walked out of her life. His impending return always left her to worry, sleepless nights, so afraid of when he would walk back in and take control, much like he did right now.

Paris found it was just easier to be in the picture then in hiding. She would learn to deal with Aiden. It was apparent that he would never let her go, or move on. All the money and power her father had could not save her from this pirate.

Come morning and she found herself wrapped in Aiden's arms. It felt so wonderful having his rock solid arms around her, it felt like security, much like protection...which was ironic, because Aiden was the one who made her life so scary, he was the monster under the bed...

She did not want to move out of his embrace, at least for while, she just wanted to be immersed in him, just for a little while. Only thing was as soon as he woke up, he all but shoved her away from him. Like she was diseased.

Paris felt hurt, how she missed him, how bad had she cried for him, and he acted as though she was really nothing more than a whore. Her rejection made her want to cry. She moved out of the bed making her way over to the bathroom, she did not want Aiden to see her cry.

Once she was finished she walked out of the bathroom. Not waiting for him she walked out of the room, downstairs and into the kitchen. Making her self a strong cup of coffee, before taking her hot beverage and going with it to the living room.

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