Chapter 2

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I decided to skip school there was no point in going. My dad and mom are getting divorced and everyone at my school hates me. And the worst thing is, my dad might marry that stupid bitch that he was cheating on my mom with. He said if he does he's doing it because he loves her and he wants me to have a mother again. He said he doesn't want to be that father that is single because he think that it will make me feel awkward.

My dad said that she is coming over for dinner and that I have to look presentable for her. While he tells me this, all I think about is, why should I look presentable for this slut, she probably will become my mom and then I'll really be mad. When he finishes I nod and go to my room and sit there, wondering what she looks like and what her name is.

Then the doorbell rings and I run downstairs my dad lets her in and she looks pretty. She has long blonde hair and she has it in a braid. Her eyes are a blue crystal color. And she is wearing lots of makeup. She looks at me and smiles. "Hi what's your name, my name is Braith." "Hi my name is aya, and also since you and me are the only people in the hall, your a bitch. She looks at me very puzzled I smile and walk away.

I'm pretty sure that Braith told my dad I called her a bitch but I don't care she deserves it. Anyway I think we are going to go eat at this fancy restaurant that I don't know the name of. When we get there I see this guy that goes to my school and when he sees me he......smiles.

He smiled at me, the person that everyone hates. I thought that my mind was just playing tricks on me. We have never spoken to each other but for some reason I felt like we have talked before. So after dinner we come back home and she leaves but before she leaves I tell her, "if you ever come back, it will be you last." She leaves and I see her start to cry. I smile because that means that she won't come back.

It's now tomorrow and guess who's back, Braith and also my dad isn't home so I'm here with her. She rings the doorbell and I answer, "what the hell do you want" I ask. "I want you to like me, please just give me a chance." I look at her like are you serious. " um, I don't think I have to like you because one, I don't and two, you are the reason my parents split and I told you never to come back."

Before I know it she comes in and sits on the couch. So I run into the kitchen and grab a knife. I walk slowly into the living room and just stand there, she looks up and gasps. But before she can say anything I run at her and start trying to stab her. She tries to throw me off, but I slash her face and there is a lot of blood. She starts to scream so I get up and lock all of the doors so she can't leave. This was easy because she was on the floor screaming in pain.

The I go and put some chemicals on a rag and hold it to her mouth. She start to stop and when she is asleep, I cut her arms to make it look like she had been cutting herself. "There, I told you not to come back and this is what happens when you don't listen." My dad won't be home for a couple of days and she is stuck here with me so I just leave her in the middle of the floor.

But then I think about what will happen when she wakes up so then I go into the garage and look for some rope. I go back into the house when I see her start to wake up. " huh, where am I?" I quickly run at her and tackle her and tie her up. She starts to scream again so then I have to get the chemicals and put them on her mouth.

"There" I said finally relived that she was nocked out. As I watched her lay on the floor she didn't make a sound, not one sound. It was about 5:00 and I was starting to get hungry, so I decided that I should go a get something to eat. I grabbed my car keys and when to get a pizza from theos.

When I got back I went into the living room and noticed something different about the position Braith was in. It looked like she had untied herself and retied her self up. I didn't understand how she got out of the not and how she reached it was beyond me. I just stared at her and she awoke, looking at me with sad eyes. "Please let me out"she said I decided that I would keep her here but just move her to my dads bed. Then I went back downstairs and ate while watching tv listening to her cry softly upstairs and all I did was smile.

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