"I'd love too!" Too enthusiastic, whoops. "Umm where do you want to meet?"

"Great, umm. Crofters?" I nodded my head, too excited or nervous... well both,to talk. "Five o'cloak? On me?"

"That sounds great!"

"Cool," he smiled at me and I smiled back. How was this boy interested in me?! Out of all the other girls in our school, I could even name some in this class that would look stunning next to this boy. But I'm just a skinny pale girl with dull blue eyes and nothing special.

"Are you two finished?" Mam called from the other side of the room.

"Oh yes mam," she came over and handed us the next sheet.

"I swear these things get easier." Jax said once we had finished the first few questions.

"Ha yeah and still somehow people manage to get them self's moved down a set!" The conversation was so easy and when the bell rang I jumped, actually not wanting the lesson to end.

"What lesson you got next?" I asked Jax.

"Ummm, computing with Mr Leafly?" I grinned despite myself.

"Me too. Come on I'll show you the way."

"Thanks," I noticed that the whole class was giving us funny looks, well there goes the idea of pretending I wasn't interested. Oh well. I looked over at Jaz and she was looking at me... as if I had just stolen her mum's wedding ring. Oh god not good. I tried to remember if she was in my computing class. I can't remember.

I swung my bag over my head and lead Jax out the class, Jax followed.

"So, is there a reason you moved schools?"

"Well, yeah, but I don't really talk about it, it's kinda personal."

"Oh that's fine. How are you finding it here then? I bet you've had loads of girls swarming over you!"

"Why would that be?" He looked at me as he asked and I felt the blood rise to my cheeks.

"Errr, well you are the new boy." I looked at my feet.

"Oh yeah? Do all the,girls always go for the new boy then? Is that the only reason your hanging with me?"

"NO!! No of course not. Your just really nice and well... well," the words had disappeared from my mind.


"Ummm, special." That was stupid!


"Well, I can't really explain. I just really like you I guess." I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone had over heard our confersation, there was no one behind us, Jaz must have turned off somewhere. Good.

"So you really like me?" I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Yes but you don't need to laugh at me over it! You could just tell me if your not interested, I'm sure you have loads of girls your dying to ask out here so why are you even bothering to speak to me?!" I don't know where my anger came from but I couldn't stop the words from coming or my eyes from watering.

"Hey hey, I wasn't laughing at you! And what are you on about? I've seen loads of the girls from this school and many others already but the only face that has ever stood out from the crowd is yours!" My anger instantly washed away and the heat already in my cheeks turned to a blush. I would have though he was just saying that but he had stopped and the way he was looking at me... made me think he wasn't lying. He looked at me as if he had known me for years, as if I was the only girl on Earth. "I'm sorry that was a bit full on," he looked away.

My eyes also dropped to the floor "I didn't think you would feel the same way I did. I thought I was being silly to think I had a shot with you." He looked at me again and for a minute was speechless but when he did open his mouth to speak again the warning bell rang and we had to hurry to class.

Sir looked at me and went to speak, properly to give me a detention for being late, when he saw Jax at my side.

"Miss Cave you are three minutes late," I was about to apologize when Jax butted in.

"Please don't blame her Sir she was showing me where the toilets were and then brought me here when we realised we were in the same class. I'm new here." The lies rolled off his tongue easily.

"Oh, umm yes. You must be Jax then. Thank you Courtney for being polite to our newcomer, he might as well sit next to you as you are already acquainted, if he doesn't mind that is?"

"No I don't mind at all." I could hear the smile again but this time I could tell it was because things had pleased him not because he found something humorous.

I lead Jax over to the two empty seats at the edge of the room, the furthest away we could get from anyone else. And so started our second lesson together.

"Do you know your username and password Jax?" Sir asked as he came to stand behind us.

"Umm, no sir."

"You'll have to go down to the technicians then, do you need someone to show you the way?"

"I'll show him Sir!" Jasmine sprang up from no where.

"Thats very nice of you Miss Parsley but I'm sure Jax can choose who he wants to go with."

"I think I'd be more comfortable if Courtney could show me the way, sorry Jasmine," Jasmine smiled a huge smile that made her look like a lion, but I could see how fake it was.

"Thats fine." She shot a glare at me and stalked off.

I lead Jax out the classroom again.

"Thanks for that." I nearly whispered to Jax.

"For what?" He replied smiling again.

"For saying you would prefer to go with me."

"Well some girls put the act on too hard, but I can strip that act away and see what's underneath. Normally it's just a girl that wants to be the same as everyone else and have what everyone else has but with you..." he turned to look at me and I felt as if he could read my thoughts "your different."

Those two words made my cheek glow but I don't look away from his gaze. I felt a sudden urge to kiss this boy I had only met a few hours ago. Some reason I felt like he was feeling the same thing. It felt as if this boy was true love and it seemed obvious that I should be with him. I didn't have a clue where these feelings came from.

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