chapter two

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This chapter is dedicated to BethanyCharlote because she is such an amazing friend and has persuaded me to carry on this story.


My heart fluttered as Jax smiled at me.

"OK thank you mam." He walked over to the chair next to me. I was certain he would hear my heart pounding against my chest so I took deep breaths and tryed not to look at him. It was like trying to stop myself from blinking.

"Hey," my whole body shivered and I couldn't keep myself from looking. I glanced up, he was looking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, it feels like I could loose my self in his gaze. I realize I'm staring and quickly look away.

"Oh, ummm hey." I manage to say it without my voice going high pitched.

"You don't mind if I sit here do you?" Of course I bloody well don't!!

"No, no. Not at all."

"Cool, thanks. Is this seat always empty?"

"Yeah, the other boy that sat there got moved down a set." That was Max.

"Oh right. I properly won't last long here, this is the class of all the smartest isn't it." It wasn't a question but I answered anyway.

"Well, I guess that's one way of looking at it but I see it that we just learn quicker than others. Plus you can't go wrong with a teacher like Miss Perpy." My maths teacher was one of my worst teacher, she was an elderly lady who cant control our class.

"I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not," Jax laughed. The sound made my heart race again. I was supprised that it was so easy to talk to this boy, this angle of a boy. My lips had felt like jelly only minutes ago but now I was having a smooth conversation with him!

"Oh she's really great! Not. You'll soon see, the others will be here soon and that's when the real fun begins!" We laughed and started on the work sheet. It was easy as always and Jax was surprised by the easiness of it. We were already half way through it when the other members of the class tumbled in. Some said sorry but most just found their way to their seats and started chatting to the people around them.

"Wow, this is like Being in the middle of a Hurd of elephants!"

"It would be easier to train a Hurd of elephants though!" He chuckled and I couldn't help but laugh with him, it came easy, I hardly ever laugh with anyone but Jess these days, it feels good.

"Wow I never thought it would be this easy." Jax mumbles half to himself.

"What?" I keep staring at him but I can't help it no matter how hard I try.

"Oh, ummm. Well moving schools was a big jump for me and well i thought it would be harder to...Ummm... well make friends." Friends. He says we are friends. That's a good start I guess.

"Ah I see. Well what kind of friends were you looking for?" I want to see how far he will go.

"However far I want. However far I see fit of those... Around me..." He looks at me then. We just look at each other for what seems like forever but I snap out of the trance and quickly start on the sheet again.

We finish the sheet before anyone else has even started on it.

"Well that was really hard," Jax laughs and that warm feeling fills me again. I notice that a lot of the class are whispering and already know it's us they are talking about.

"Hey Courtney, i know its a bit soon but I'd really like to get to know you a bit more," my heart is already racing again, "and I was wondering if you would like to perhaps meet up on Saturday?" I already know that I am bright red by the heat of my face. I have never been asked out on a date before (unless you include Max, who I don't).

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