Untitled Part 9

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tiffany's pov.

it was close to the end of the game and it was a tie so this game was serious and so he was about to take a shot when i jumped up and smacked it and i ran took the ball and ducked it good thing is i won bad part is I'm stuck on this damn ring everybody knows I'm afraid of heights so i started hyperventilating 

"oh sit oh shit oh shitttt!"

chresanto said " are you ok"

"nigga do it look like im ok no so can you please help me down before i let go and die"

he started laughig and then grabbed my waist which slighty brushed my but i let go and fell into his arms and hit his chest very lightly and said.

"thats not funny i coulde killed  myself ."

"you shouldnt have jumped yo fat ass up there in the first place"

i looked at him for a moment and said "i know you did not just call me fat"

" i did what you gon do about it"

i popped my neck and said " you better run "

he an alright like a bat out of hell so i started chasing and once i was close enough i jumped on him and we fell in the grass laughing together after a while we just laid there and started talking toeach other about our selves we got o know each other a little personal and basic things but overall we had fun.

hes really different from what people say and go on about because ill be the first peron to get a chance to know what the real chresanto august is about. 

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