Part 7

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I sighed into the kiss. I felt so relieved... I leaned back and looked into her eyes.


She blushed a deep red," S-sorry"

"No, no it's ok"

She smiled at me with that beautiful smile of hers and I couldn't help, but smile back. But I started thinking... would Dominick hurt her? Hurt me? No I couldn't let that happen...

I guess Amy saw the worried expression plastered all over my face since soon after, she said, "I don't expect you to be with me or to even like me back... I know you are going through a difficult time right now... I just couldn't hide anymore..." She then walked away.

No... No... What do I do? I was so frustrated and upset. I ended up kicking one of the bathroom stall doors as hard as I can and made it bang against the wall.

What the hell is his problem? Why does he care what I do with my life now?

I walked out of the restroom and headed to Dominick's classroom and waited outside in the hallway until the next bell rang which is only in a few minutes.

The bell than rung and once I saw Dominick I gripped his wrist and tugged him. He grinned and walked closer, "Well look who decided to come running back."

I glared at him, "Stay out of my fucking life. You had your chance and you blew it. That's your problem. You have no one to blame, but yourself." I started walking away, but he gripped my wrist and pulled me back.

"I want you"

"Well I don't want you"

He smirked, "you sure about that?"

"Positive." I slapped his hand away and speed walked to my next class. I looked back once I started walking away and he stood there with such shock and disbelief and I couldn't help, but smile to myself.

A Point for Bella.


Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. But here is another part to my story! :)

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