the map!

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squaishey pov

i decided to start reording a video. i loaded up the map i made for stampy cat. i started showing what he would have to do.

i edited it and started uploading it. 'what if he saw it' i thought as i got ready for bed.

"would he like it" it doesnt matter, i had fun anyway

stampy pov

i woke up and checked my youtube. i had lots of comments about a video that some of my viewers had found, so I had a look it was by a girl that caled herself squaishey. i sent her a message on twitter saying i would like to play her map.i got a tweet back instantly i added her on skype..

Squaishey pov

I cant belive he wanted to play it and he added me on skype. did my hair an called him. he answered as a video call...

Stampy pov

i answered as a video call. when the webcams focused i felt my heart skip a beat. she was very cute!


Sorry for short chap but I'm typing on a kindle and spell checking on an iPod using the web interface

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