Chapter 1

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I went back straight after a rough day in school. Every where I went, the memories of me and him is always there. Why is it so hard to forget about him? Why does he make it looks so easy? Leaning against her headboard, she thinks of him and all the things they did together. Without realising, sleep invited me.

' I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth' the sound of my phone alarm.

"Uggghhh! Why must I even attend school!" I shouted at my phone.

Dragging my feet to the bathroom to take a quick shower.The warm water ran down my body making me forget all the things that has been disturbing me lately.How I wish I could stay in the bathroom forever. Slipping in my dark jeans as soon as I went out of the bathroom. Wearing my pink loose t-shirt and pink vans together with my silver necklace that mum gave me on my birthday. I ran down towards the kitchen as soon as im done packing my stuffs for school.

"Goodmorning Mum!" I shouted at my mum who is busy spreading nutella on the piece of bread on the hand.

She has hazel brown eyes and hair, her skin tone is pale. Even at her age she looks young, if people doesnt know that she is thirty five, people would think we are sisters.

"Good morning to you too, by the way I wont be home early today, im doing overtime, so please buy food while you're on the way home" she said with a smile on her lips.

Mum is always busy, she spends most of her time in hospital, being a doctor doesnt gave her time to relax. Pity my mum sometimes, she needs to cook breakfast for us then rush to work then reached home very late and need to clean the house.How I wish I could help her. My dad on the other side is in a car business, he loves cars. Dad is usually away for business trips like now. He will only be home a month later maybe less maybe more.After breakfast I quickly grab my bicycle and cycle to school. It's less than a 15 minutes journey. How I wish I have a car now. Dad said I could get one as soon as I turn 18 which is in 1 year and a half. Reaching the school gate I saw my bestfriends waiting for me at the bench smiling widely as I approach them.

"Omg! Guess what!!! We are moving to the finals!!!" Ashley said while shouting. I could turn deaf if she continue shouting like a banshee.

We jump with joy as soon as we heard the news, we have been the champions for nationals for 3 years in a row and we must make sure we won again this year!

Let me introduce my girls to you first, Ashley the captain of the netball team, she has red hair, fair skin and she also has a dark coloured eyes.Oh and she LOVES to party. Winnie my next best girls, has hazel hair, hazel eyes and loves reading. Annie the youngest among us.Well, she isnt fat nor thin, she has the right body figure, red coloured hair like Ashley. And lastly Hazel, she has light brown coloured hair and eyes, the most caring and sweetest of them all, I have known her thoughout my entire life. Each one of us is different and I guess thats's what makes us special and became close.

After all the jumping and shouting its time to go for class. Hazel walks beside me as we headed for our chemistry class while the others went to their respective classes.

"So how are you coping with things?" Hazel ask with a concern tone in her voice. She has been there for me each time I'm having problems, she's there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. She is also the first one to know about my break up with Allen.

"Not really great, I dreamt of him again yesterday, Im not strong enough to face this" I sigh while rubbing my elbow.

She just nodded and hug me knowing that it is not a good topic to talk about.I could start crying again as soon as we talk about him. Hugging her back, I spot him with another girl near his locker whose hands touching his arms while giggling at something he talks about. I could feel the hotness in my face as I watch them. Hazel notice that I had tense and turn her back to look at what Im looking. As I expected, her face looks shock. Who doesnt looks shock when you saw someone who has just broken up three days ago and now flirting with the freaking school slut.I'm so enraged at this situation and I can feel that I might detonate soon.

Maya the school slut who sleeps with almost all the jerks in school. Always wear clothing that is tight fitting to her body which is probably gonna tear anytime soon. Loves to bitch around about others. And is madly in 'love' with Allen. Well, I bet she get the opportunity to flirt with him now since we have already broken up.

Allen turn his head to face me, probably sensing that someone is staring at him. Our eyes met for a few seconds before that slut press her lip on his. I stood there and watch them ignoring Hazel who is pulling my arm. She turn to face me and gave me a evil smile that shows 'He's mine bitch, you're not gonna get him'. Knowing that she purposely wants to hurt me, I decided to smile and try to force it and act like I dont care when deep down it hurts like a bitch. Walking pass them to enter my class and try to not show how much it hurts me."What the hell is that about just now?" Hazel ask trying to be as quiet as she could because the teacher is teaching.

I simply shrugged my shoulders and ignore her while 'listening' to whatever crap that old man is teaching us while my mind is actually replaying the scene from just now. How the hell did he move on so fast after being together with me for a year? Chemistry is not my favourite subject, the teacher Mr Leston is in his late sixties and he just wont stop talking.

As soon as I heard the bell, I went out as fast I could pulling Hazel's hand behind me so I didnt have to face him. Did I mention he is in the same chem, art, english and history class as me? Well yeah we have four classes together, isn't it great? wow. Rushing through my art class, I quickly took the seat at the back together with Hazel. Perks of having a bestfriend in the same classes as you. Art is my favourite subject. Before me and him end things we would always sit together in almost all of the classes. Gosh I miss him.. Time passes by very fast and finally hell is over.
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