Chapter four

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(Flashback: five years ago.)

"I'm leaving." called Azaria Blackwood,  dressed in full hunter gear and a silver crossbow straped to her back.

"Be safe dear!" Cautioned her mother.

" Hurry back Azar!" Cheeres her sister Renee.

With a laugh and a backward wave, she disappeared into the trees. She traveled a good distance of when a strong scent of blood caught her attention.  And not just any blood but a vampires.

Carefully she slinked forward, crossbow drawn.  Supressing her aura, she crept forward silently almost gliding across the forest floor until the slumped form of a man appeared.

The man was dressed casual, he's once white shirt soaked crimson. His long, shaggy hair was matted with dirt and dried blood.

She was about to deal the fatal blow when he looked up, revealing brillant green eyes filled with an infallible emtion. In that moment he was the most terrifying and the most saddest creature she had ever seen.

All her instincts born out from generations of hunters urged her to strike him  down. But it was his eyes that made her drop her weapon.

Cautiously she approached, hands spread in front of her and all the while his strange eyes watched her. It wasn't until she kneeled in front of him to tend to his wounds that he spoke.

" You're a little odd aren't you? "

She snorted. " I doubt you're one to talk."

He chuckled before grimacing in pain.

" My names Azaria."

" Athran."

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