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"Daisy, you know what to do." A scientists says to her. She nods making her jingle bell sound on her pink and white lace collar.

"Harry," She mutters sadly under her breath.  Why'd it have to be this way?

"Daisy we need you to be properly trained in order for the repopulating." They try to explain.

"We are not having s.ex while you watch us." She hisses.

"Daisy the procedure-"

"It's not happening." She replies and the scientists scowl.

"You signed a contract."

"The hell I did." Daisy scoffs.

"Lookie here missy those release forms that you signed at the hospital?" Dr.Harmon(oops I had to) one of the scientists hold up a piece of paper.

"It can be done." He smiles wickedly.

"Fine so you watch us have sex then what? Watch us all the time?" Daisy snaps her ear suddenly becoming a bit itchy.

"We monitor you for the well being of your species." Dr.Harmon explains. In the other room Harry is being examined and prepped,

"In order for this breeding process to go smoothly you must know what to do." Dr.Heart says to Harry and he nods.

"Have you had sexual relations with Daisy before?" They ask and Harry thinks.

"We-um we kiss and maybe a few gropes here and there but n-nothing like s.ex." Harry fiddles with his fingers.

"Harry there is more things to do other than s.ex." Dr.Heart explains to him.

"Like what?" Harry asks intrigued.

"Well Harry we are men, and men have these urges that need to be fulfilled just like women." Heart explains to Harry and he nods for him to continue.

"Have you heard of oral sex?" Harry shakes his head yes.

"Do you know what to do in oral sex?"

"Touch each other, I'm guessing with mouths?" Harry knows the world oral, so he puts two and two together using context clues. Just like Daisy has taught him.

"You're very smart for a hybrid Harry." Heart compliments him.

"Thank you, Daisy taught me everything I know." Harry replies almost swooning.

"You love her I'm assuming?" Doctor asks and Harry nods happily.

"She's my everything, have you seen her Doctor? She's beautiful,  she's got these eyes just makes me go crazy, a-and she has a pure heart, I love her." The girl nurses in the room awe at him and Heart smiles.

"I think that's enough for the lesson today, thank you Harry for being so cooperative."

"My pleasure." Harry grins knowing he's one step closer to seeing his Daisy. Daisy sits in the room being prodded at,

"S.hit!" She curses when the last wax strip comes off her legs.

"Very smooth." Dr.Harmon feels the skin, and Daisy cowers back.

"I want to see Harry." She pouts and they all look at each other conversing.

"Fine." Dr.Harmon quips and presses a button taking down the wall behind them. Harry plays with the ball of yarn in his paws and looks up with bright eyes.

"Harry," Daisy crawls over to Harry quickly and climbs in his lap.

"Hi baby," Harry kisses her lips softly igniting pure passion.

"Mean men." She grumbles nuzzing her face in his neck tickling him with her whiskers.

"Harry, I don't like it here." She sniffles and Harry kees his arms tightly around her.

"Is it those men?" Harry whispers in her ear looking at the scientists who stand with their jaw dropped as they watched Harry and Daisy interact. She nods and purrs when Harry strokes her soft blonde hair,

"S'okay baby, Harry's got you."




-Sam x.

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